March 8, 2009

Family, Quilting

It’s here and I am sure of it.  Spring…I wait for this every year.  The blasted winter is gone.  I hear the song birds singing in the yard in early morning the last two days.  I had the windows and doors open to blow out the stink of winter.  Spring is very definitely here and I don’t care a lick for what the calendar says about when Spring comes. 

Along with Spring we push closer to the end of the school year when my “work” ends.  I’m a home cyber-schooling Nana of two boys and it takes a ton of my (retirement) time.  Time I could do other things.  Or nothing.  But let’s assume I’ll actually be using that retirment time productively.  I’d cut back the tops of the perennials from last year and do something with the front lawn that Scott’s has kept for 5 years and now that I have let them go in order to economize has now developed tunnels from voles.  I am about ready to sit on the front porch like Granny Clampett, on my rocking chair, holding the GS’s Gammo (a BB-Gun Rifle) and taking aim at them if they poke their little rodent heads up for air.  But I don’t smoke.  I do shoot…so theoretically I could.  I could also stitch up the I Love Lucy quilt I’ve had cut out now for a month to give to my brother for his birthday.  Or stipple the Giraffic Park quilt that awaits the FMQ’ing only. Or do the rest of the sewing for Christmas gift giving…of which there is a huge pile…but I never seem to get to.  Well come on Spring!  I know it will breathe new life and energy into me.

Did you notice the new custom header photograph?  It’s from my husband’s fly fishing trip from last year to the Ausable River.  I’m not sure if it’s my husband or not, and who could tell?  They all look alike from that distance, standing in the river, rod up over the head and fishing gear on.  But it’s saying Spring to me.  And fishing is something else I could be doing productively.  But anyway.  I took a pretty ordinary picture and used some of the Pioneer Woman’s free Photoshop Actions on it.  Turned out pretty nice after all!

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