A Chef In The House

March 9, 2009


Boy it’s good to have another cook in the house!  My dear son has graduated from culinary school at the local Community College.  Now this is a kid who fast tracked into the 6 yr. Dr. Physical Therapy program at a pretty impressive university.  He just decided, after much angst, that he did not want to do this for a living…he wanted to cook.  And truthfully, as a little boy he watched Emeril with his Baba and always DID want to cook!  He’d tell us he wanted to grow up to be Emeril. 

Well grow up he did…and now he’s graduated.  Every once in a while he cooks for us.  Last night we had stir fry with the MOST yummy (and spicy!) peanut sauce.   It’s kind of interesting how things change.  The kid who would only eat CORN until this year prepared a dish with celery, carrots, snap pea pods, chiffonade of something or another, red onion, yellow squash and Chinese Eggplant.   And a little bit of beef.  And a sauce to DIE for.  And amazingly enough he turned out enough food for an army (which is what we have encamped here right now) in under half an hour!  No recipe.  Just some of this and some of that.   They’ve opened up a produce outlet near here.  Great produce.  AMAZING prices.  All the veggies came from there.  In our little corner of the world I’ve not seen Chinese eggpant on store shelves before..but they had it here. 

So here’s what is in the peanut sauce for all you inquiring minds:  rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, salt, pepper, lemon grass, black sesame seeds, fish sauce, peanut butter, spicy brown bean sauce, hoisin sauce, some Surache hot chili pepper sauce.  He has no idea how much of this or how much of that.  He starts with peanut butter some sesame and vegetable oil and the other sauces and spices and in the end adds some vinegar to test and to thin as necessary.   

Yep.  I’m proud of my boy.  He’s come a long way.  He’d like to go far yet and would like to take himself off to Drexel for thier Bachelor’s degree Exec Chef program.  Reality is sinking in for him though.  His beloved career choice is not one which pays very well nor generally has benefits.  And he’s a Type 1 Diabetic.   His first Cobra payment is due.  How about $427.30 a month?  Prorated for the first 6 weeks it’s $641.47.  YIKES!   And that only lasts for 18 months.  I’m not sure what happens after that unless the economic picture improves sigificantly!  Can you say “Health Care Reform Needed NOW Please?” !!!!!



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One Comment on “A Chef In The House”

  1. cherokeebydesign Says:

    I love cooking too….not much on the fancy side of things, just cook what my great-grandparents taught me.
    Every now and then I’ll try something off the wall, some times it turns out great, and some times the dog gets a home-cooked meal.



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