The Reformation of Tinkerbelle

March 11, 2009


Once there was a very organized and energetic woman. She was a very strong woman…strong in spirit, in will, in discipline.  She took no prisoners as she marched on through her life.  The frat guys in college called her Tink, short for Tinkerbelle.  Not because she was Wendy to their Lost Boy fantasies…but because Tinkerbelle kicked butt they said.  When she grew up and got married she lived in a house where everything was in its place.  There were no excuses, what needed to be done got done.  She raised the kids, worked the job, kept the house, showed the dogs, tended the garden and did it effortlessly.  And she was never tired till bedtime when she went to sleep, slept all night, got up the next day and effortlessly began agan.  (She was also never seen sitting on her butt…which was quite small as a result)  Cleaning people come in for the heavy work…but they never had heavy work to do.  The place was in fine, fine shape.   The children smiled.  The daddy smiled.  Even the doggies smiled.   The woman was satisfied with her life and found that her world was good.

One day (back in 2006) an evil and useless corporate managerial troll appeared in the woman’s world and told her that there was (yet another) corporate downsizing in her world.  He told the woman her good work there had been finished.  This time the downsizing was going to send her happily into an early retirement rest or to search for new good work to do.   Since she had been doing good work for 30 years she was able to receive an excellent severance package (for which Uncle Sam personally said thank you the following April) and was able to collect her monthly pension check as well as unemployment.  At the same time the woman’s daughter and grandsons had moved home and the woman decided she could help them most by home schooling them to fill in some educational gaps and this retirement would facilitate it.   She felt that her world was good as a result of the downsizing but worried a bit about the financial change.  Since the woman was very clever and always had been, the woman and her husband had never lived beyond their means and had prepared for this inevitable day and knew that the family could survive this huge financial change and she looked around her and found that it was still good with her world. 

For months the woman fielded the onslaught of corporate recruiters, fending them off until finally they went away and let her alone.  Work was not in her cards.  Oh no.  Quilting and embroidery and sewing were in her cards.  A beautiful home and time with the children and grandchildren and her husband were in her cards too.  Homeschooling was in the cards.  Frankly, the Oracle told her that her garden would never look better, and given all the opportunity to exercise and eat right, neither would her figure.  As she looked into her cards as dealt by the Oracle, given the dramatic reduction in stress, her health was expected never to be better as well.  The woman and her grandchildren settled into a routine of homeschooling and relaxation. 

The woman  discovered how truly enjoyable it was to research and digitize and fiddle around on her laptop.  It was very relaxing.  Her stress level definitely reduced.  Alas, her blood pressure did not.  Neither did her weight.  And her health did not improve.  Her house became unrecognizeable to her.  School was being done.  But nothing else was.  Sewing machines sat idle with a giant stash of unstarted projects.  Exercise did not happen…the couch and the laptop were far too alluring.  There was no longer any organization in the woman’s world.  The woman had a slight unsettling feeling of dissatisfaction but felt so relaxed she dismissed it. And the woman looked around finally and saw that her world was not good.  The woman realized she thrives on action, organization and a plan.  She realized that coasting through life was a bad habit to have developed and she realized she needed to change things.  But for months the road to hell was paved with her good intentions. 

Finally, the woman who had successfully project managed large teams of professionals in successfully accomplishing multi-million dollar projects on time and in budget, the woman who was marginally a control freak, the woman who did it all and did it well realized her life was out of control.  And she realized it was more than not good.  It was a disaster.  That it took her 3 years to recognize this is another tale for another day.  But she recognized it now.  The strong successful woman realized she needed help.  And direction.  She knew she needed to take action or risk further disaster and dissatisfaction.

The woman was always goal oriented.  She realized she had stopped setting any goals or holding herself accountable for accomplishing them when she decided to put herself out to pasture and rest from the 30 years of hard labor in Corporate America.  She realized she had developed very bad habits that she was having trouble breaking.  She knew what needed to be done but was feeling very overwhelmed by it.  Today she decided to take drastic steps. 

Soooo….you ask.  What steps would those be woman (and oh by the way, please stop referring to yourself in the third person!)?  Today I decided to let FlyLady set my goals for me for a little bit.  I think I’ll try the baby steps.  I know they’ll be boring in about 2 days and within a week I’ll be kicking butt again.  But I need the help now.  I’m a woman on a mission…make sure I stick to my goals will you please?  It’s time for a good reformation this time…the one for the last three years was definitely not a good one!



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One Comment on “The Reformation of Tinkerbelle”

  1. Polly Says:

    I’m retired at 40 and soooooooooo bored with the tv, laptop and slobbing out! Maybe we can motivate each other!


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