March 12, 2009


It’s a day full of discoveries already and I am relishing all of them…since most of them are good it’s not hard to do!  I’ll try to group them together in some semblance of order:

Genealogical Discovery

  1. Immigration records in seem to be less than complete.  I cannot find my gr gr grandparents coming from Wales/England at the dates consistently reported on census…or any date!…by any name.  This is making it impossible to figure out who their parents were or what part of Wales/England they came from!  BLECH!
  2. I discovered that what I did have populated for those gr gr grandparents when I first started doing the research 4 or 5 years ago is inaccurate as it applies to their parents and siblings and I have deleted it.  I guess I’m happy I discovered that it was wrong and I still have lots more good work to do there.
  3. My payment to DFHS has been processed which means my membership materials to Devon Family History Society should be winging their way to me and I can begin to dig even more deeply into my Devonshire ancestors. 
  4. The answer to the burning question of 18th and 19th century illegitimacy is that I will probably never know who my 4h great grandfather on my dad’s side is. 
  5. AND, unless I hire a professional genealogist or visit UK myself I may never know who my 5th gr grandparents are either.  Even then there are no guarantees.  We are talking people probably born about 1775 in an unknown part of England but presumably Devon.
  6. Although Ancestry gives me the ability to publish books with the family history that I had planned to give as gifts to my brothers, I have discovered a software that will put it on cd/dvdand allow me to do something similar.  The software costs as much as about one bound book with no additional pages.  I see economy in this purchase…and very inexpensive gifts as a result!  I think my family members will enjoy the disks for sure!  Think I’ll sell them for a nominal fee to the extended family members at the next family reunion!  The software is called Passage Express.  It’s quite powerful and not very pricey at all.  I’m posting a link over in the links section.  Great, creative stuff!
  7. I have a ton of old photographs to scan and correct for inclusion in the said project above.  This takes a huge amount of time and is part of why they are cluttering my coffee table instead of returned to their rightful owners.  I’ve discovered a place where I can send them for scanning and correction or just scanning and sending back to me on disk (or printed).  Prices are NOT BAD!  It’s called ScanCafe and I’ll post a link to that over in the links section too.  I see myself sending off a couple packages to them in the near future!    

Blogging/Journaling Discoveries

  1.  I can journal in a lovely piece of software called The Journal.  I like it.  I can include photos and other media, I can link it to a calendar and set reminders.  It’s got lots of lovely templates.  (I’m posting a link to it over on the side as well)
  2. It’ll let me journal all those things you don’t want to read about and I don’t want to publish for the world to see. 
  3. It’ll let me create a memoir of my life for the kids and the grandkids so that when I am gone and they are trying to put together the family history they will have all the stories that I could have had from my grandparents when they were here…if only I had been interested enough to ask then.  
  4. It’s a good thing and I am counting on using it to help me get my life back on the very controlled and well managed track it used to be on!

So those are the days’ discoveries you might be interested in.  I know you don’t want to know that I found another gray hair and all that kind of trivia so I’ll save that for the Journal.  Meanwhile, the boy’s off today and he and I’ll be cooking.  He has little patience for me.  My knife skills are not what they should be he says.  But the upshot is, I may have an actual recipe to share with you tomorrow!



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2 Comments on “Discoveries!”

  1. valentinoswife Says:

    A bsolutely love your blog! I have downloaded a trial version of Passages also and am going to try it out! I will let you know my impressions, too — and if you do not mind I will be linking back to you from my blog!


  2. rsmallen Says:

    Hi Bonnie and thanks for joining me…I love to “talk” to friends! I appreciate your kind words as well. I think that Passages software looks mighty cool. What was really neat is that you can upload your Gedcom file (and since my file has 4000 or so people it would be hard to recreate!)

    I would be honered to have you link to me in your blog.


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