Wellness and Catching Up

April 26, 2009

Genealogy, Health, Quilting

PHEW!  It’s been quite a month or so…of sickness!  I have had the worst cold turned into bronchitis, turned into allergies with the pollen coming into bloom and now my asthma is acting up.  However, the last two days I have been human so I expect I’ll live after all!  It’s been a really unhealthy two months around my house.  My son, who is prone to all kinds of infections since he is a Type 1 Diabetic, brought the original cold home to us, he was on a couple of antibiotics anyway because a simple infected bunch of hair follicles turned into a (surprisingly diagnosed precautionary) positive MRSA test!  The antibiotics gave him the trots along with the cold.  Finally everything got cleared up and he got a paronychia from shucking clams.  For the uninformed, paronychia is a nail or finger infection…common in nail salons, it can be fungus or bacteria that causes it.  His was probably a result of his already very stressed immune system being unable to handle the crud in the clam water.  

Polly, thank you for your comments…yes, we SHOULD keep each other going and accountable! 

So what’s been happening in my world besides sickness?  Well, my genealogy is progressing slowly, slowly at this point.  I got to the GAR cemetery in Summit Hill just before Orthodox Easter.  We had travelled to Shenandoah PA to get kielbasa.  On the way home we dipped over to Lansford and Summit Hill and hunted down the cemetery.  I found my Shinton headstones…well some of them…but there were no clues on them as to any maiden names or other useful inscriptions.  I could not find my Evans headstones at all.  So began my quest for the GAR records.  I discovered that the Summit Hill Historical Society took over the cemetery and has transcribed it and has mapped it out.  I got me a map, cross referenced lot numbers and the transcriptions from the headstones.  Again, no clues.  I found Daniel and Sarah Evans, my g grandparents and by the birth dates on the stones I am sure it is them.  There is also a Minnie.  Now they had a daughter Mary Louise who came here with them from Wales and based on the 1868 birth year on the stone and her birth year of 1868 on census reports here and Wales I expect that her familar name was Minnie.  However all three had a death date of 1913.  I have Daniel and Sarah alive still in 1910 so maybe they both DID die in 1913.  However, I can’t find Mary Louise (Minnie) after 1880.  I DO find a “grandson” John Lawrence Evans living with Daniel and Sarah in 1900 when he was 10 years old.  I can’t find his birth record, however, in New Jersey where the census says he was born.  So I am guessing he was Mary Louise’s son…what she was doing in NJ is unclear and nobody in the family recalls ever hearing of a Minnie or a Mary Louise…but I keep reminding myself, the whole family was dead by the time my remaining aunts and uncles were born…except their grandmother…and I am told nobody ever spoke of the Evans relatives with them.  So I guess I continue to whittle away at my mystery.  The local courthouse has the naturalization papers on Daniel…but since there were two it’s anybody’s guess when I buy them if I am getting my Daniel or another one.  They have no death or birth records to help me because the earlier records were kept by the church.  And come to tell, the Welsh congregational church joined up with the English Congregational Church at some point and closed down…now the English Congregational Church is ALSO closed down.  There’s a lady may know where those records are and I am trying to get in touch with her.  SIGH.  Never easy huh? 

I’ve spent a day of fun quilting with my friend Carol yesterday.  I’ve had the Lucy’s Chocolate Factory quilt cut out for about 3 months…maybe 4…since Carol came to cut it out with me.  I haven’t pieced one single block.  Till yesterday.  Determined to see me actually finish the thing, she came over yesterday and we had the Diamond and the 11k running.  It was like a factory assembly line.  She’d do half square triangles and stitch them to the bottom of the “attic window” border, pass them off to me and I’d stitch both borders to the fussy cut blocks.  She’d press, I’d press.  The entire room was abuzz with activity and the family was steering clear because it was evident to anybody that she meant business.  She was having no rest until all 48 blocks were assembled and all 8 rows stitched together.  SO.  The upshot is that I have the better part of the quilt top done.  I have only the two borders to stitch on, the backing and then quilt and bind it.  Quilting will be easy.  SID in the windows seams, only one border is wide enough to actually quilt something in it…but the borders are mitered and I am dreading those a bit.  Here’s a link to the pattern…I’ll post a picture of the quilt top when the borders are added.    http://www.quiltingtreasures.com/stuff/contentmgr/files/ce328ec05da3a21b0e3187cf18688c61/download/lucyprojectsheet.pdf

The pattern was a little disappointing.  It doesn’t have the effect of attic windows since there isn’t enough dark/light contrast.  They weren’t true attic windows either…half square triangles in the corners.  Which is easy enough but frankly not all the fabrics lent themselves to that technique.  The one striped fabric we did not even attempt it on.  We just cut it straight.  All in all, it’s very cute, very kitschy.  It’s for my kid brother who is a Lucy fan (because I was a Lucy fan and I pretty much raised him as my mom worked and I’m 10 years older).  I hope he’ll like it although it’s not at all masculine!  Lots of pink, blue, aqua and yellow retro colors.  Well, I am sure he will.  And if not, I guess it’s the thought that counts and hopefully he’ll appreciate the thought. 

I’m off now…fishing shirts to embroider for DH, borders to apply to quilt top.  Have a great day, I’ll talk to you soon!



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