Memorial Day Cooking and Sewing and Quiet

May 25, 2009


Happy Memorial Day to all of you…and welcome summer!  I’ve got me a glass of iced tea all ready for the front porch sitting.  It’s a quiet day around here today…something I relish.  All the kids are at work.  Even the grandkid is at work babysitting for the day and took the littlest grand along.  It’s just the big guy and me.  Wow.  This hasn’t happened since I retired in 2006.  I have a nap.  A quiet lunch on the deck under the awning.  I’ve cut out the borders for a quilt and will attach them this afternoon. 

Unfortunately all good things must end and the lot of them come home again in a few hours.  Like boomerangs.  SIGH.  And what’s on the menu?  Turkey Burgers ala Mar-a-Largo for me and Cheddar Burgers with applewood smoked bacon.  Grilled sweet onion and tomato salad.  Grilled portobello mushroom and asparagus salad and mustard potato salad rounds it out.  For dessert?  Berries. Ice cream for the kids berries. I’m reducing and healthyifying (a Robinism) so no potato salad or ice cream for me! The turkey burgers are great though so I’m looking forward to dinner.  Yummy!



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3 Comments on “Memorial Day Cooking and Sewing and Quiet”

  1. valentinoswife Says:

    Sigh… that menu sounds wonderful…mmmmmmm…can I invite myself? Ha! Especially if it means I get to rock on that porch! Looks heavenly! Florida rates too many mosquitos unfortunately – and we have rain with lightning and thunder today!


    • rsmallen Says:

      You just come right on over any old time you find yourself in Pennsylvania! My son is a chef. Eating around here is always yummy thanks to him!


  2. valentinoswife Says:

    Too funny — I have a couple sons who THINK they’re chefs! Ha! Actually their dad (my val) is a great chef (Italian of course) so the boys are trying their darndest to learn too!


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