Weekend Planting

May 30, 2009


This is it.  The last of the 10th grade exams were turned in to the cyber teachers on Friday.  Justin finished school with a 94% and Cam so far has a 90%…he’ s carrying a 91% in World History and that exam is as yet ungraded.  He should finish up the year with the 90% and that’s a happiness thing.  Meanwhile….SCHOOL’S OUT FOR THE SUMMER!…and that’s the refrain I have the littlest one singing ala Alice Cooper.  Nana is happy indeed.  It rained all week but it is bright and sunny today so I’m beginning the yard work now…and taking Monday to visit my gf and have some fun.  It’s been a long 9 months. 

UPS brought loads of goodies this week.  My new laptop…the old one overheats and reboots itself, the keyboard is shot and overall it needs an overhaul!  Still good so I’ll put it in the shop for some TLC when the new one is up and running.  Insulin pump supplies arrived again…not exciting but always a good thing.  And Heirloom Roses and Wayside Gardens got plants here!   Next week Lazy S’s and Bluestone are shipping…but right now the big guy has some planting to do.  I’ve broken it to him…he was grumpy.  See…the front beds have some ghastly number of plants…as do the side beds.  About 1,500 perennials, shrubs and trees between the two spaces.  Still there are holes here and there.  So he’s tired of planting but he’s had a 4 year hiatus so I’m unsympathetic. 

What came?  Autumn Sunset rose…a sport of Westerlund I think.  Fragrant, shrubby, tall.  Kind of a yellow apricot.  It’s going in the bed where I have blue baptisia, white phlox David, Mango Meadowbrite echinacea, cheddar pinks, salvia, this wonderful gnarled, short, lavendar chives/allium.  I needed something tall.  It will be tall.  Right now it’s in a very, very small pot.  About 8 inches tall.  We’ll be babying this along a bit for several years.  The other rose is Celtic Pride.  About 5 feet tall, fragrant, full and apricot to blush pink colored.  I have this out front too.  Smells yummy.  Again, it’s teeny.  Eventually it will keep the dogs from running between one giant rose bush and the arbor and around the magnolia into the back yard.  The perennials did not stop them.  As a result, no more perennials there.  So I’ll fix em.  A nice thorny, large rose.  They’ve got to stop going through there.  It’s the site of the future pondless waterfall once they get past the arbor.  So they might as well start learning N-O-W!

Wayside sent the Kalmia “Bullseye”.  I’ve been fooled by Wayside in the past.  Paid a lot of money for the smallest, spindliest specimen I ever saw.  Their guarantee takes care of things you are not happy with but I swore I would be judicious in ordering from them hence since performance seemed almost hit or miss any more.  Well.  This kalmia was only $25 so I figured it would be spindly.  NOT!  It’s a lovely young shrub.  Well rooted and in excellent health.  Very vigorous and well branched.  Not so large it won’t transplant well.  So nice, in fact, that I am ordering one or maybe two more later today when I’ve assessed how bare those holes are!  Way to go Wayside.  I was not at all disappointed.  Echinacea Twilight are ready to bloom.  The geraniums are in bloom as are the Blue Muffin viburnum, the amsonia and the potentilla.  The island looks lovely right now.  I wish it would stay like this all year!   See Bullseye in bloom below: 

Kalmia Bullseye at Broken Arrow Nursery

Kalmia Bullseye at Broken Arrow Nursery

As to work.  Hmmm.  The back needs to be weeded badly.  Badly.  The grass cut.  The planting.  Hmmm.  Better get my sunscreen and straw hat and get the heck out there.



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