Reading for Kids With Reading Problems

June 2, 2009


My eldest grand is dyslexic.  We’ve been doing Barton for quite a while but I have to say…it’s been a struggle.  Part of the problem is that Cam is almost 17 (and reading on about a 5th grade level, spelling on a 3rd) and Barton, with its nonsense syllables doesn’t seem meaningful enough to him.   It’s also not online which he seems to enjoy much more…reminiscent of video games perhaps? 

Since he is a College Prep student with a disability, he gets books on tape from the Blind,Dyslexic folks for school.  As I was boxing them up for return to the cyber school and touching base with the spec ed teacher, she told me of a program that they piloted this year for kids with reading deficiencies that they will use next year and that I might want to get Cam into. 

I went to check it out online and I’m mighty impressed with what I see…and the best part?  There’s a corresponding homeschool version!  Pretty affordable at $199 and broken into three credit card payments.   They have various age levels and have several skill trial lessons up online that you can check out.  At the end they give you a coupon code for $50 off!  It’s Orton-Gillingham based so geared toward dyslexics and the sample lessons I checked out were pretty straightforward, and I think, effective.

I think I am going to order it…though I suppose I should ensure Cam can be coaxed into using it happily…over the summer!…but I’d really like him to get that under his belt before the start of school.  He’s got a lot of novels again next year as a Junior and I’m hoping he will be able to read them more easily.  Here’s to hoping he’ll be a willing victim. 

If you want to check it out, it’s called Reading Horizons  I hope if you use it you’ll get a ton of benefit for the kiddos.  Assuming I can get my kiddo to agree, I’ll post to advise how it works out.

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