That’s What I Like About Sunday….

June 7, 2009


Good Sunday morning to you!  It’s a beautful day…Pentecost for us, so it was the day to visit the cemetery and remember the deceased.  It was a lovely day for it.  

The grands are going to the local state park lake with the neighbor and his boys.  It’s about 45 minutes away and they’ll spend the day walking and biking at the park.  They’ll be gone for the better part of the day which means a couple things.  Thing one, it means I’ll have a blessedly quiet day.  Thing two, it means I have no minions for my weeding party.  Thing three, instead of managing three minions, I’ll only have the Big minion to manage and keep to task.  The young minions are still biddable and tractable but require constant direction.  The old minion is ornery and recalcitrant and sneaks off the first time I do not have my full attention on what he is doing (or not doing is more like it). However, he doesn’t require constant direction.  He does, however, become distracted by nostalgic trips down memory lane with some cluttery stuff or another he is saving “because it might be worth something some day.”  And like his first grade teacher wrote on his report card “Michael tends to be a dawdler.”  The Big Guy’s dad, a first generation American, had never heard the word dawdler before.  (and he, himself,  was by no means a dawdler)  Evidently, there is no corresponding word for dawdler in Ukrainian.  It was quite a to-do around the household, I hear, when Papa Big Guy was told what dawdler meant.   Yes, the big minion definitely requires lots of keeping to task.  Anyway.  Looks like I’m in for some sun and some whip cracking today! 

I think I’d also like to take a little trip up to my brother’s house to see how the construction is coming along.  His builder is overextended so the construction is moving along rather slowly, to his everlasting dissatisfaction.  I know the drywall is in…but no ceiling tongue/groove is installed, no lights, no plumbing fixtures, no trim, no kitchen.  But I’d like to try to get some new photos.  I suspect the Big Guy will be more than happy to drive there and take photos if it means he doesn’t have to get himself in the garden weeding till a little later in the day! 

Then, I’d like to just sit out on the front porch and enjoy the flowers, watch the grands play out front, sip some lemonade, read the newspaper and chat.  Maybe take a nap.  Like the Sunday’s I remember from my childhood.



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