This Is The Face Of Worry…

June 8, 2009


Geez.  Mikey finally was forced to visit his endocrinologist in order to get a new prescription for insulin pump supplies.  His appointment is for today at 4:00.  I insisted that they get his bloodwork script to the lab before the visit so the doc had accurate info to work with.   I got him to get to the lab on Friday.  I think he postponed hoping they wouldn’t have his results today.  However, the office called just now to confirm his appointment.  I guess the gal at the desk isn’t as aware of HIPA as she could be.  I inquired about results…and his A1C is bad.  Bad. 

This “kid” had been SO well controlled.  Now his sugar is running WAY high.  I’ve been terribly worried because he keeps losing weight…beginning to look positively skeletal.  I am guessing now that is because his sugar is so high on a regular basis that he’s not getting any energy into his cells.  I can’t imagine what this is doing to his kidneys, his heart, etc.  Yes, I can.  And it’s not pretty imagining it.  

I wonder if NOW he will deign to actually CHECK his blood sugar instead of just approximating what his grams of carb and his sugar levels are??!!!



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