Why, I’m Pea Green With Envy (Scarlett O’Hara and Me)

June 10, 2009

Gardening, Photography

Well…I was so thrilled I found the macro button on my camera and snapped off a photo of my sisyrinchium…you remember it right?  It’s this shot.  sisyrinchiumAnd truly, I though it was pretty good.  Not going to win any awards, surely…but pretty good.  I’m just saying.  It was focused…the lighting could have been a smidge better.  But it was pretty good.  I sent along a note to Gary, my landscape designer, with a link to my Flickr front yard  photos and he sent back one from his files that he took of HIS sisyrinchium.  Well, great minds think alike I reckon.  Great photographers must have something on the ball I am missing.  You talk about things that make you scratch your head!  Hmmm.  It pushed me over the top and I signed up for a camera class this morning.  Surely I can learn to do something as simple as this right? 

I started talking to the instructor, who thought maybe I’d be ready for the intermediate class right from jump.  Said it depended on what I already knew.  He started to test me.  We were good with point and shoot.  GREAT with getting images to the computer.  EXCELLENT with manipulating images.  (Thanks to PW’s site I could dazzle him with my PS brilliance…or at least baffle him with my bs).  Composition…weeellll…I squeaked by.  Fill Flash?  Little weaker.  Wipes or wipeouts or somesuch term that totally escapes me and I immediately identified with surfing…well feeeergit it.  He said BEGINNER.  I hastened to sign up.  Sadly, intermediate won’t be available until September…but he told me if I bring in the two shots I’m talking about they can tell me how to achieve it now.  Not a bad place!  Dan’s Camera City, Allentown PA. Greatest place on earth for camera stuff.  Maybe they’ll make me sufficiently camera intelligent that I’ll upgrade to a DSLR or maybe even take a college level photography course.  Maybe.  Sisyrinch angSo that we can now have a complete understanding of why my sisyrinchium photo looks like the one above…and Gary, my landscape designers sisyrinchium looks like THIS ONE on the left.  Hmph.  And now you can see, from Gary’s photo, why I am such a nut for this little plant!  It’s just gorgeous.  In it’s own quiet, little way.  GOR-JUS.  And charming.  (Maybe Gary didn’t use macro….just zoomed in…)  I’m going to let Dan’s tell me on the 24th!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Gary commented on my comments on the Blue Muffin viburnum.  He remarked that Winterthur, since it is a different species should not be able to pollinate Blue Muffin.  One’s a nudum and one’s a dentatum.  (Good thing I also ordered Brandywine huh???)     Anyway.  He says I need another dentatum species (probably within 50 yards? feet?) to pollinate…and oh, by the way, given my limited understanding of pollination, I guess the pollinator should be blooming at the same time as the pollinatee.  Now, how would I know which dentatum blooms at the same or nearly the same time as Blue Muffin?  Jeez.  All too much science for me.  And so much for the internet viburnum pundits who suggested Winterthur!  Guess I’ll just need a lot of viburnums.  Good thing I like them.  You can’t have too many viburnums in a bird garden if you ask me! So.  Back to Gary’s Blue Muffin.  Blue MuffinWhile on a picture roll, he sent me a snapshot of his..which blooms profusely…along with apologies since mine doesn’t and he didn’t want me to feel crappy because his did.  (Too late Gary <ggg>)  So that’s his.  I’ll follow up with one of mine once the berries set and we’ll compare.  I keep hoping mine has just been too young and this year’s the year.  We’ll see.   I’m looking to the left and I have a goal now.  Come on little Blue Muffin..you can do it!

On a side note.  Tomorrow is my eldest grandsons birthday.  He turns 17.  I’ll post some pictures for you tomorrow.  It was just yesterday I welcomed him into the world as he took his first breaths!  Now he is a big, gangly teenager with a deep voice and a manly ‘tude.  I got him a slick little royal blue acoustic guitar. He’s been wanting one.  Lessons to be commencing soon.  I may live to regret the decision due to noise…but who knows?  Maybe he’ll become a virtuouso and support me in my old age (and buy me a brand spanking new Mercedes)

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2 Comments on “Why, I’m Pea Green With Envy (Scarlett O’Hara and Me)”

  1. valentinoswife Says:

    Oh wow! You have hit a nerve here – I got the best Mothers Day gift from hubby and 4 sons (I only had to literally nag then beg then whine then throw temper tantrum once) – a Nikon D40 – yayaa! Now I just have to learn all the stuff you are going to learn!


  2. rsmallen Says:

    Well…the Nikon is what I covet right now…but I figure I better see if I can figure out my canon first! Visit this link: I BET you could sign up for these at my community college…I don’t think it asked where I lived…and for $89 you can’t go wrong I don’t think! I’m doing this one AND the Dan’s beginner one in tandem.



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