I Like My Camera Better

June 24, 2009


But I still don’t love it.  I think I love the Nikon D5000 a lot.  Maybe the D90.  Can’t figure out why the D90 is a hundred bucks more.  I don’t see that big a difference.  I LOVED the idea of the new Olympus EP-1 Pen and I loved it in my hand.  Great size!  But woe is me…I like a viewfinder and it doesn’t have one.  Well, it does, but it’s an option and only works with one lens.  Here’s the big drawback and for me it’s a real biggie.  I asked the salesman to walk outside with me so I could see how it was to actually use that screen out in sunlight.  And it was a bright, bright sunshiney day!  It was, at best, marginal.  My eyes are getting older…but to me old eyes or not, it was barely acceptable.  Uh….to me it was a deal breaker.  So.  No matter HOW much I like it, and its art filters and would really prefer a Olympus, I think the Nikon will win out.  I was bummed.  I think I’m going to rent a d90 for a bit to see how it works out for me. 

SO.  Why do I like my camera a bit better?  Well, I guess bc I took a Dan’s class (for beginners) which was really more basic in some areas than I needed, but it gave me the chance to get to know my camera a bit better.  GREAT class…and instructor.  I highly recommend their classes if you are in the Allentown area! 

Meanwhile, Rayan the instructor, showed us his journal.  He does a photo journal.  Little pictures, drawings, notes etc.  GREAT journal!  As a Family Historian, how I would LOVE  to have one of those presented to me to answer questions about my ancestors and their day to day lives!  To that end I am signing up for the Photo Journalling class they are doing in Aug-Sep.  It is definitely my cuppa tea!



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