4th of July Festivities

July 1, 2009


Normally we are pretty festive with a big spread.  Not so this year…at least not on the 4th.  Our middle child is moving on Thursday and Friday so she and her fiance will be living it up in their new digs.  The chefly son must work on the 4th…he’s at a local country club and they have a family picnic for the members.  He’ll be there all day.   He does have on the 5th so that’s when we’ll have the food fest here.  It will just be the Big Guy, the grands, me, the chefly son, the dogs and the hot tub (with the temp turned down to about 85). 

So what’s on the menu that we’ll feed the troops on Sunday?  Nothing too special this year.  Ordinarily we smoke a pork butt or three and do a giant heap of Carolina pulled pork but I’m not feeling the enthusiasm for all that effort this year.  I’m planning bacon wrapped filets with onions and mushrooms on the grill along with spicy shrimps on the barbee for the grown people.  The littlest grand is not big on steaks…he’ll get a burger.  Then on the side, sweet & white potato salad, barley/corn salad, insalata caprese and for dessert, the standard fare at our house for the 4th, lemon meringue pie.  I think I’m also doing parfaits with layers of blueberry, raspberry and creme fraiche w. a touch of  brown sugar. 

I think we’ll drive into town to catch the fireworks.  I’m determined now that I will learn this camera I have and exhaust every single drop of good picture taking I can out of it before I trade it up.  So I am planning to shoot fireworks a lot this summer and try to improve each time.  Actually, I’m planning to do a lot of photo shooting this summer.  I’ve realized I can throw whatever great camera at the subject I want, press the button and the camera will take the shot.  But I need to improve and develop the eye of an artist.  Pointing the camera at something from far away where you sit and zooming in and pressing the button is not artistic.  It’s lazy and you deserve the shots you get from it Robin!  So….I’m enrolled in a class for photography, I’ve ordered some books and I am carrying the camera everywhere.  Once I am convinced I have learned to take a good shot reliably and I have learned to use every single feature on my existing camera I will consider buying a new one.  Having said that, I’ve already jumped ship.  I think, rather than the Nikon D90 I’m going to get the Canon Rebel T1I.  Great features…and I know the Canon interface now.  I still think Nikon has a better gui, but Canon has some features that are giving the D90 a run for its money right now.  All that said, if Dan’s Camera City called me up and told me the camera Gods were giving me a D90 because I was deserving I would not turn them down.  Nope.  Not a chance.  So that’s where that is at! 

It’s July 1.  No state budget in PA.  We are officially incomless until it is signed or an emergency spending appropriations bill is put into place.  Wouldn’t you think they could manage something right in government?   I expect it of them…and the since the start of the fiscal year is the same date every year I think a timely, negotiated and signed budget should not be too much to expect.



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