A Day Full Of Surprises

July 2, 2009


My goodness it’s a day.  From unexpected visitors to unexpected emails.  I’ll explain.

Late last night my eldest dropped in unexpectedly.  Why is immaterial.  That she did was quite unexpected.  And nice.

Bright and early this morning…before many in my house think it is morning…I received an email.  The email looks like it comes from me at my blogsite to me.  And it describes the writing on the headstone at the ancestral cemetery.  So it must have come from flickr.  I’m puzzled as to how though.  That, too, is immaterial.  What is material is that I would like to thank the viewer of the photo very much.  While I can’t quite recognize the words to translate them officially from the high German I learned in school, I can infer a translation.  But it does more for me than that.  The historic records are of mixed opinion as to whether my first ancestor here came from Switzerland or Germany.  That’s not too uncommon, PA was mostly Swiss and German immigrants during that period…some French Heugenots as well.  While German is spoken in Switzerland, it is a different German and I don’t really know the differences.  I also don’t think the PA Dutch dialect was prevalent during this time period and can’t find the words in the various online PA Dutch dictionaries online.  So I’m a thinking the ancestors may have come from Switzerland.  There’s a retired professor at Millersville that specializes in languages…particularly German, was raised in the area and is fluent in PA Dutch.  I am going to mail the transcription to him and see if I can get a readout on where the language is from.  To my reader/viewer…thank you!     That was a lovely surprise and gift to find this morning. 

I received a comment from a reader that took me off to her blogsite.  And what a lovely site it is.  Check it out at the Made In Heaven link in Blogroll on the right.  From her site I found a group of folks who are learning to use their cameras with periodic challenges…just as I am doing.  What a nice surprise to find likeminded individuals.  I think I may hop into the next challenge.  Thank you Donna!  

Surprisingly, I found a fellow in Indiana that restores historic cemeteries and headstones.  I’ve written off to him for tree stump removal advice since I think it is encroaching on an existing headstone or two in “my” cemetery.  I’m also going to see if I can raise some cash and talk him into coming to PA if, indeed, there are stones there that are broken for restoration.  He does beautiful work. 

Now.  If I woke up from a nap and found out that Mr. Rendell and the legislators had behaved responsibly and passed the budget today or an interim emergency spending package I would be deliriously happy and think I had received all the gifts for the year in one day!



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