Gorgeous Day…For Weeding…and Planting

July 3, 2009


It’s been sunny today for the first time in what seems to be weeks.  We went out back and weeded the hill.  Rain brings weeds that is for sure.  5 of us worked on it and have it passably cleaned up.  I put in the 5 Viburnums back there and the Russian Sage along the terrace and steps.  I think it needs something pink in there with it so I need to look for something good. If anybody has suggestions I would love to hear them! Planted a rose Zepherine Drouhin, to climb over the arbor.   Maybe in a week or so we can get some mulch down.  Tonight we’ll soak in the hot tub. 

Since we’re celebrating the 4th on Sunday, we’ll do some weeding out front…not nearly as big a job…tomorrow.   We’ll finish up the side hill tomorrow.  Monday I guess we’ll weed the side yard and in spite of the blooming season, I am cutting back roses to a manageable size and nepeta to 1/3 so I get a new flush of bloom.  Then I hope all I’ll have to do is sip iced tea and enjoy the garden till Autumn. 

 If I’m lucky, the robin’s eggs will hatch and I can catch a fledgling and snap a new icon photo. Somehow it feels like the right picture for an icon for me.



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