Pet Projects

July 8, 2009

Family, Health, Home

It’s not easy being the pet project of a fashionista who maintains a willowy thin persona.  Said fashionista is also one who regularly eats those all bran twigs and pretty much eschews anything that tastes really, really good and expects me likewise to eschew them.  I swear she is militant.  And then she reminds me of my own words from when she was little regarding the cost to looking good.  Geez.  Could I stick a sock in my mouth retroactively????  Every morning now I am awakened at the crack of dawn (well I am up anyway but interested in other pursuits thank you very much) and led outside to march.  Well.  Walk.  But it feels like marching except I wouldn’t be gasping if it were marching right?  The upshot is she is changing her major to Exercise Physiology since she finds this to be great fun…energizing and all that…to think she can help somebody to improve their health and change their life.  I guess my mom’s work will finally be done when she has marched me into fitness and legislated me into a size 2.  

And what have I learned in Photography classes and studies and reading in the past week?  The pictures don’t come TO you…you need to go to the pictures.  And get down on one knee maybe.  And move around.  In other words.  Photography is not a sedentary hobby like oh, say, surfing (the internet).  I guess this plus my sedentary nature could be an explanation for why my photos look like crap most times.  Maybe by the time the fashionista is done with me I’ll be taking good photos too.  Do they make photographer’s vests in a size 2?  Do I want a photographer’s vest in a size anything?  <ggg>

On the upside.  My sugar is lower from the exercise.  It’s a good thing.



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