Time To Clean House!

July 11, 2009


And that is what the Fashionista and I are doing.  We’re taking a merciless view of the stuff in the house and sorting it into piles.  Trash.  Keep but move where it belongs.  Donate.  Sell.  And then there’s a yard sale to run at the end of the month.  I wish the Fashionista and I could be in charge of cleaning house with regard to PA’s government but I suppose nobody would ever let me get my fingers into that.   I digress.  I’m hoping that the yardsale will net enough for a new microwave.  Ours is on its last legs.  Lord knows, there’s plenty of stuff here to dispose of!  Meanwhile, I snagged a great new coffee table…an Ethan Allen glass and metal one I coveted several years ago when it came out right after I purchased my wooden one.  Slightly smaller…much airier because, well, it’s glass.  I snagged it from a Craigslist ad for $35.  I’m sure I can get $35 for my wood one at the yard sale!    Wouldn’t it be great if I could get enough out of the yard sale to snag the cherry entertainment center that’s on Craigslist as well?  It needs to be a $2k yard sale then.  Perhaps if I sell a kid or two?  The Fashionista????



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