July 13, 2009


Today I took action.  I went out for my walk with the Fashionista and went in the opposite direction I normally do.  It didn’t seem so grueling somehow.  I kept walking.  I walked not quite half a mile. So now I’ll be expected to do that every day for a while and then up the ante to a mile.  SIGH.   I feel it in my legs tonight…but it also felt good.  It felt less self indulgent.  I’ll give it a go again tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, I’m watching what I’m eating again.  The Fashionista is legislating food…and when she is not the kids are.  Or the chef.  The Big Guy likes to slide a goodie or two my way but heaven help him if they catch him!  I was rather astonished to actually read the Duke Diet book and learn what is a portion size…and to then calculate that I’ve been eating for a small family myself!  OY!!  I guess that explains a lot.  Now my friend has sent me some dietitian handouts…so I am further educated.  So’s the Fashionista.  Further Legislation is to be expected I reckon.  Maybe the doc won’t recognize me in September when I go back! 

Finally, I’ve forced myself on the scale.  I’ve also set up a graph.  Since I recognize that I am goal oriented that graph thing will help me.  Ideally this won’t be legislated behavior soon…rather I’ll do it for myself on my own.  Meanwhile, in September I am absolutely asking the doc for a referral to a Dietitian that specializes in Diabetes and Weight Management.

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