Food Blogs…my undoing?

July 15, 2009


Paramount on my mind is cash flow.  Closely behind it is my health.  Yes, the Fashionista is marching me around outside (.4 miles which I learned is about 1000 of the 10,000 steps I should take daily) and legislating my food intake.  In truth, it is making me feel better…a little stronger each day.  I suppose I should do a blood sugar tomorrow morning to see if there’s been a change.  Right now though, running neck and neck with cash flow is all manner of gastronomic delights.  Specifically, the good stuff one sees on food blogs. 

Now I ask you.  Why, just when I have realized that I need to view food only as fuel for the engine and rev the engine from time to time, why now do I discover the wonder of food blogs?  I discovered two new ones in the last two days.  On each, as I was fantasizing of making eating pasties, what showed up on both blogs?  PASTIES!  Now, there’s no mystery in making them for me…I learned at the knees of the family masters straight from Cornwall.  However, these recipes had some forward thinking twists.  I want to try them all.  And then there was the Pad Thai recipe that is so very close to the way my friends in Bangkok make it I ‘m not able to tell the difference.  SIGH 

Instead, I’m going to start to walk longer and twice daily.  It’s the only way I’m getting pasties OR Pad Thai past the Fashionista any time soon. 

Meanwhile, the food blogs I found and really, really like are Cooking With Anne and Tasty Kitchen.  Anne is a local chef and does some cool stuff..and she’s an easy read when she blogs.  I enjoyed her site a lot.  Tasty Kitchen is Pioneer Woman.  And well, what can I say.  Wunderbar!  Links on the right in blogroll!   Enjoy…



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