Visiting The House That Kim Built (and keeps on building…)

July 25, 2009


Phew.  I need a break from all that political nonsense so I thought I would get back to regular programming for a second or two.   It’s a beautiful sunny day outside and this is a sunnier topic…and for sure there’ll be no budget news today. 

As you can see from the Flickr pictures on the right, we paid a visit to my brother’s house last Sunday on another brilliantly sunny day.  As you can also see, it is still under construction.  It seems like it will be under construction forever!  It was supposed to be done 5 months ago.  But between changes and delays he’s still about 25% away from completion.  And his contractor just left for a European vacation for two weeks.  Were it my construction project I would be losing my mind.  He is, after all, paying two mortgages for the last 5 months and his interest has gone up 1.5% on the new house. 

It’s a great house.  I keep telling him I’m packing up the hubby and moving in.  He’d never know we were there.  It’s entirely designed by him and he did a pretty good job if I say so myself!  Given the land he’s on a chicken coop would probably be great because you just get lost in those views!  Here…I’ll tempt you with the view. View from the deck We toured the inside briefly, took some quick photos and then hit the deck.  Which is where I would probably never leave if I lived there.  

There’s a ton of birds on the property as you can imagine.  There had been a huge number of bluebirds but they’ve gone away.  Probably because the bluebird houses got taken down.  He and hubby were talking about building more for a trail down the property so I guess that will be the Big Guy’s January retirement project.  Kim kept some lumber for it, has the basement space to do it, Mike has the pattern…they should be good to go.   We did see a couple indigo buntings.  Wish I had been able to get a shot of them as they are gorgeous in the wild but the sun was not in the right spot and when the sun is not in the right spot they simply look black instead of iridescent lapis lazuli.    There are also wild turkey, deer, fox…you name it!

I dunno who’s going to clean all that square footage but I’m here to tell you.  If they let me move in I volunteer to be the cleaning lady…and I hate to clean!



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