Farewell Uncle Bill

July 29, 2009


My dad’s Uncle Bill died this past weekend.  He was 84, well loved, much admired.  He had a good run. 

He was the much younger baby brother of my own beloved Pappy…only a year difference in age from my dad.  I knew very little of him, my Pappy died in 1960, but have spoken to him a few times in recent years at family reunions and touched base with one of his daughters in pursuit of all kinds of Blake genealogy things.  Uncle Bill confirmed a number of things for me relative to my research and I regret that I did not know him better long before so I could have captured his memories for the future generations. 

He, my pappy and their sisters Margaret, Gertrude and Beatrice were all first generation Americans.  The stories that their parents and grandparents must have told of the voyage to America and making a new life!  Locked away and gone now for us to discover as we seek out the history of those who have gone before us … He was the last of my Pappy’s family left.  All of his sisters, his brother and of course, his parents and grandparents are gone ahead.  Together, waiting for those of us that follow.   

Farewell Uncle Bill.  Let them know that they’re not forgotten when they greet you! It’s time now for you to rest…safe travels Uncle Bill, rest well.

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