Here’s What I’ve Been Doing the Last Couple Days

August 1, 2009


New Edge

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Yes…I know we aren’t getting paid just now. But I’m taking the Gov at his word that there is a plan to release operational dollars this week. I “needed” a new car so I went off car shopping about midweek.

Cash for clunkers was my motivation…our 2002 Explorer Ltd certainly qualified for the gas mileage part of the program but it was worth more than the $4500 clunker ceiling. Still, it’s not gaining equity, and at 85000 miles I knew it was not going to last us forever. And while it did last it was putting me in the gasoline poor house.

Ever since the day I leased our Taurus in 2007 I loved the Edge. That is exactly what I went to visit on Wednesday. I tried the Eddie Bauer Explorer and as much as I loved our 02 Explorer, that is how much I genuinely disliked the new one. I tried the Flex on for size. That car has an astonishing amount of room in it. Like a limo. (for me the issue is that it reminds me a bit of a hearse…particularly in the dark blue that was on the showroom floor!)

So I test drove this all day Wednesday and Thursday. I put about 400 miles on it. Unusual for me to drive so much…but I wanted to be sure whether I loved it or not. Finally Friday morning I decided it wasn’t going back…so we had a marathon of paper signing to do.

Here’s what I like. It’s not a stuffy, stodgy grown up car. It’s a young car. A fun car. It really just grips the road and handles well…never feeling like it’s liable to tip as I have felt in the Explorer or Expedition when we had one. It’s spunky too…loads of get up and go and I drive way too fast in it without even realizing I am over the limit. I love the Sync system. I paired up my iPhone before I even decided to buy the thing and was playing my iPod tunes through the sync and car stereo system a few minutes later. There’s DVD’s in the rear of the front seat headrests, and they have wireless headsets. The grand kids were positively silent in the car as they watched their movies.

And best of all, with the windows open and the vista roof window open it feels like a convertible. I’ve have only had the roof closed at night since Wednesday. All the time I’ve been driving it I’ve been getting my hair tangled in the wind. It feels like being a teenager again. And that’s a good thing.



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