It’s a Quilting Day! Christmas Is Just Around The Corner.

August 11, 2009

Quilting, Sewing

OK.  I can’t write more about the budget situation than I have since nobody seems to be talking and all sides are still seemingly firmly entrenched in political dogma rather than compromise.  On to lighter topics.

Once again summer has passed by rather quickly and it’s time to go back to school in a few weeks.  Did I do my Christmas sewing?  Nope.  Now isn’t that sad?  I played the fiddle all summer and will be whining come late fall about no time to sew.  SIGH.  To that end, I took the Diamond off to the dealer last week for a cleaning and tuneup while it was still in its first year (so cleaning was free!) and had them update it while it was there.  I have the Lucy quilt to finish for one brother, the McKenna Ryan fishing quilt to finish for the Big Guy and then Kim’s McKenna Ryan moose quilt to finish.    At that point I better move on to some other new stuff PDQ. 

I DID buy the new Viking interchangeable dual feed foot.  They introduced right after I decided I wasn’t spending the dollars required for the old walking foot when the two Janomes have walking feet.  But this new one was irrestible so I sprang yesterday.   I think it will work well for Lucy since the majority of the quilting is stitch in the ditch and it comes with a guide foot that you plunk down on the seam and it rides the seam beautifully.   

I’m going to push around the dust mop and the duster, swab down the kitchen and cut the borders for Lucy, stitch em on and hopefully quilt that thing tomorrow.  IF I get it bound by the weekend it’ll be a good thing.  Mike’s just needs FMQ and binding.  Kim’s is in the fusing state.  SIGH.  Watch for some pictures coming up as I get things finished.   

I was going to rush on out to buy a new camera so I could get signed up for the Photo Journaling class at Dan’s…alas, a casualty of the budget impasse cash flow problem…the class is full and I’m too late to sign up.  Won’t be offered again till next Spring so I reckon I’ll shelve the notion of a new camera till the retirement funds come then take the class.  Meanwhile, I’ll take those camera funds that resulted from backpay and get the Janome 11000 upgraded to V2 and, if it’s available, V3.  It needs a cleaning and tuneup too so it’s a good time to get it all done.  I figure if I have both machines running optimally I can embroider on the one while sitting at the other quilting and kill two birds with one stone.  Since I frittered away the summer.  Again.   

Tonight Kristin and the grands are heading to Penn’s Peak for rib and wings night and her gf’s birthday so it’s just Mike, Mikey and me.  I’m feeling like hamburgers.  The Big Guy is the Burger King…and does the BEST burgers.  I’ll get some potatoe salad going and we have some white corn on the cob.  Yummy.  It’ll be a quiet day/evening. Something I’ve come to relish.

The cuz is winging her way to Hawaii to pick up the youngest from his dad…then off to Okinawa.  I’ll miss her.  Right now she’s stuck in Chicago for an undetermined layover due to the storm in the Pacific.  Chicago is a great town so if she is truly stuck there overnight I hope she gets out to see some of it! 

Meanwhile, I’m shutting the computer down now and getting acquainted with the dust mop so I can get that sewing going!



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