My Hard Drive OD’d on Data

August 14, 2009


OK.  My trusty laptop is giving me fits.  Actually, it’s having fits.  Forget the silly incidentals like the 6 missing keys or the fact that it regularly overheats if you try to watch streaming video.  I turned it on yesterday and it didn’t turn on right away…then asked if I wanted to do disk repair.  Ouch.  And now today it’s telling me I am out of space on the hard drive.  No surprise.  But when I want to uninstall programs I realize only 18.5 gb is Program.  The other 81.5 gb is files and I don’t rightly know what they all are.  Embroidery designs, true.  Photographs.  There’s the biggie I guess.  And I’m unnaturally affixed to keeping them all. 

I know.  The experts all say throw away any and all that aren’t indicative of what is truly good.  I don’t give a rip if they’re truly good or not.  I think I need them all because there is some memory attached to them all.  And let’s face it…since I am by no means Ansell Adams none of them are really good so if that is the yardstick I’d have no photographic memories of the family…and what would the marketing staff at Kodak think of that??  Future generations of our family would find it odd that there was no memorabilia to capture the happy and sad moments in our lives…kind of like Goldie Hawn in Overboard trying to find pictures of them as a family… 

What’s a girl to do??

I guess I better start by buying an external hard drive.  There’s a pretty nice WD 1tb one…WD is usually pretty reliable.  I could keep all the designs and photos on the external drive.  I suppose I could comb through the photos and get rid of the truly stupid ones….and the copies that have inadvertently gotten saved.  I have a new laptop sitting in the wings ready to be brought into action.  But the keyboard is not as comfortable as this old familiar one…and when I transfer all this junk to it, it will be near to maxxed out likewise!  I want a 1tb laptop.  I want it now.  Is there one out there?  Why not.  It’s necessary….necessary I tell you!!!

Maybe I’ll reserve this one for embroidery functions…and the new laptop for photography functions.  Keep them both in commission.   Put this one in the shop for a new keyboard. 

Now I ask you.  What would FlyLady have to say about all this disk clutter.   Something tells me I don’t want to know.  It would be categorized under “Epic Fail”…



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3 Comments on “My Hard Drive OD’d on Data”

  1. JO(S)E Says:

    I’ve found that putting pics (by year) on discs for backup gives a little peace of mind. Then, just keep current year on your computer.

    Good luck!


  2. valentinoswife Says:

    I use a PassPort for the photos – small and easy to tuck in a purse and tote along if needed – but holds thousands literally of photos! I also back them all up to disc for safe keeping too. No sense taking chances!


  3. rsmallen Says:

    Thanks Bonnie! I’ve been looking at them. I think I need one for machine embroidery designs and one for photos. Glad you like the Passport…I’ve been hoping to hear a recommendation!


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