Autumn Stuff

September 9, 2009


So here we are.  Labor Day’s over, school is in full swing (today we explore the mysteries of dividing decimals and decimals least to greatest…again), the soybean fields are turning yellow and I’m anxious for that crisp fall air and Halloween.   My girlfriend volunteered to take my (really large) Boston Ferns from my front porch to her house to keep in her lit basement over the winter.  I don’t have room so I buy new every year….a pricey deal I can tell you!  I think another couple weeks and I’m going to take them over to her and come home with giant mums for the porch.  I so love Autumn!

I’ve got a wicked bout of sciatica right now.  Nothing in comparison to the sciatica type pains one experiences during pregnancy.  Nope.  These are drop you to your knees, cry your  eyes out, burning, numbing pains shooting from your butt to your toes.  Sitting is positively out of the question.  Driving the car?  Forget it.  We’ ve been schooling the last couple days with the teacher in the prone position.  I’ve tried Flexeril.  Other than a long sleep it isn’t helping.  Advil is probably doing the most good.  And thank God for the hot tub…the only time I have relief is when I am prone on the chaise in it.  And that’s every evening lately.  Now what, you ask, is this from?  Well.  Herniated disks of which I know I have none.  Or a sports injury.  Let’s be clear.  Unless the sport of laptop lifting can cause a pain in your arse, it’s definitely not a sports injury.  So what’s left?  (Like I needed to hear this lecture again right?)  Inactivity.  It’s cause by the periformis muscle in your butt compressing the sciatic nerve from sitting on it too much, too long, too often.  Great.  Well.  This hurts enough I need no further reminders or nagging to get back into shape and off the couch.  I don’t ever want this back.  I prayed for divine intervention and help with my dieting and fitness since I seem powerless to effect change on my own.  Guess I got it.  Lesson learned Lord.  Thank you for showing me the way.  Once it’s cleared up I’m going to be a regular Energizer Bunny! 

Back to the decimals!



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One Comment on “Autumn Stuff”

  1. valentinoswife Says:

    I am so sorry to read about your pain! It is horrible – I have been there too. One hint my chiropractor gave me years and years ago that helped – put a couple books under the rear legs of the chairs when you are sitting for now – it takes some of the pressure off those nerves and helps. Obviously don’t untip yourself so much you feel like sliding out of the chair!
    I live in Florida and now and miss the changing of the seasons. We lived in Connecticut near a large farm that sold pumpkins and mums. Oh! How I loved those glorious fall mums – they were huge and brilliant colors. Buying the commercial ones for sale here are never as beautiful. I miss Indian corn too for that matter!


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