Long Time…No See! Let’s Catch Up With Tea

October 14, 2009

Cooking, Gardening, Genealogy, Sewing

Ahhhh….we’re almost to Halloween and the Autumn is flying by for me.  I’ve not written in weeks and weeks.  I can’t even blame school.  I’ve been pursuing loads of other things to keep me busy and I’ve just not taken time to write.  Doesn’t seem like stuff anybody would be interested in really. 

First things first.  Food.  YUM.  I was checking out Wolfgang Puck’s website recipes and found one for potato soup.  My son traditionally whines about mine and while I love it, I grew up on depression kind of food.  Well let me tell you.  Wolfgang has a potato soup recipe that is To-Die-For.  Tastes just like a loaded baked potato.  Now yes, it’s probably a heart attack in a bowl soup.  But SO yummy.  Had it with home made herbed bread and brownies with columbian coffee/chunk ice cream.  Yum.  YUM.  Even the chefly son was happy.  Didn’t moan a bit about my process.  Guess I learned how to sweat the veggies right finally.   Then I watched Marley and Me with the boys.  Well.  I’m a dog person.  And a hopeless sentimentalist.  I was SOBBING already when his muzzle started to turn grey because I knew he was going to be dying.  What a touching movie…all about giving and receiving love. 

And while we’re speaking of Puck…you know he does a bunch of countertop appliances for HSN right?  And I’m a sucker for all things kitchen right?  Well, I got his bistro breadmaker and it’s quite a nice breadmaker!  So I just got his pizza and convection countertop oven.  I don’t EVER have enough oven at holidays and with two coming up I’m needy.  We’ve also been eating loads of pizza with the kids in the house and delivered pizza is getting pricier and pricier so we’re doing frozens…the pizza drawer will come in handy.   I can hear the moaning now from the Big Guy when he gets home but I’ve been threatening to make reservations for Thanksgiving since there’s not enough place to cook all the goodies so I reckon I can justify it by saying I’ll be cooking at home now…which I actually planned all along.  I just like to see him sweat a bit and make sure he appreciates my long suffering in the kitchen on his behalf.  Well.  I also ordered this Let’s Celebrate with Debra Murray cookbook at the same time and it came as well.  Beeyootiful photography of food that looks DEE-LISH!   I can see I’m going to be trying some of these really soon! 

SO.  We cut back the perennials the other day.  I normally leave them up all winter for the birds to enjoy the seeds and the cover.  This year they were way too big and flopping over so I said KAPUT!  4 wheelbarrow loads to the woods later, the strip garden was empty.  The fall decorations are out (finally) but I need to get some pumpkins and mums yet.  I brought the ferns in…just in time too.  We had frost last night and I had to scrape the windshield this morning.  Brrr.  Anyway.  Boston Ferns don’t do well in the cold.  I’m struggling over these ferns.  They are way expensive to replace year after year…about $80….but don’t do well in the house over the winter.  The pellet stove in the basement will make it too dry.  So my solution was the space between dining table and living room doorway.  Uuuuhhh….when did these ferns get so big?  I’m 5’10” tall.  The fronds come up to my chest.  They are wider than the 40″ doorway.  My family is telling me they cannot possibly stay there all winter and have asked what I was thinking.  They’re wondering how many spiders, wasps, stink bugs and mice I brought in with the pots that will warm up and get real active now that they’re inside.  Well.  This SEEMED like a good idea at the time.  I’m looking for a foster home for them as we speak…. 

My genealogy work has been moving right along.  I’ve downloaded my file from Ancestry to FTM2010 to clean it up.  I found a GREAT place to put a family tree online and make it viewable by your family.  It’s password protected or not, your choice…and best of all, it’s FREE.  Check out www.tribalpages.com   My file is almost cleaned up with my Pa Dutch ancestors…I think I’ve finally straightened out all the garbled information and made some discoveries other researchers seem to skip over.  I’m going to upload the clean file soon…over the winter I’m going to go and see if I can get birth and immigration and deed info as well as wills.  I know there are about 175 pages of wills available…the deeds and births are hard to find though since it was 1725-1800 that I am looking for.     I’ve “stalked” a few more distant relatives, some of whom I recently met for lunch when they came this way on a visit to family.  It’s really neat to be able to find these folks and know they share a distant piece of history with you! 

So what am I doing now?   Fixing to make counter room for the pizza oven…and stitching on a Halloween costume for my eldest daughter.  She’s a server at the local Country Club and they dress up for the kids party.  She’s going as Glynda the Good Witch.  Pictures upon completion.  Stay tuned.

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