Snow? In Mid October? Did I Wake Up In Denver?

October 15, 2009


As per my usual 0:dark thirty routine, I went out of the house this morning to do my morning chauferring.  It was cold.  It was DAMP.  It began to rain.  My bones ached.  I got hot chocolate from Dunkin while I was out.  Tra-la-la, home I came and had an Advil chaser for the arthritis.  When I left for my afternoon chauferring it was  raining but the drops were visible.  Not transparent.  Opaque.  White even.  They splatted as they hit the windshield.  My bones really ached.  The rain got more opaque.  On the way home it became a snow shower instead of rain.  Now I ask you.  Did I wake up in the Rockies???  No.  I checked Mapquest on the iPhone.  I’m still in the Lehigh Valley.  It reminds me of being a kid bundled up in snowsuits to watch the Allentown Halloween Parade on Hamilton Street.   It’s a good thing my Boston ferns are wintering in the tropical side of my kitchen.  They don’t have snowsuits.

The pattern and the fabric for Glynda’s costume arrived today.  It’s gorgeous fabric, thank you very much Syfabrics!  Can’t wait to get started on it.  Alas, the kid quit at the local country club which is where the Halloween Party is where she was to wear it.  She’ll wear it out to a party since it will be a great costume…the quality of the fabric was beyond my expectations!  But I’m sad over her country club experience.  I worked there as a kid in college and afterward if I needed a good buck when the kiddo was an infant.  Easy work, good working conditions and great money.  I suggested she work there while she is back in college and when she saw an ad she applied and was hired.   Now let me say, this is a kid (woman really) who worked as a Director of Sales for a small, private chain of high end retail stores and the Manager of the Flagship store.  She was successful and is smart.  Great people, organizational, and sales skills.  A good manager.  She needed to leave her job to move home with the kids bc she could not manage from so far away as a single mom.    As she has worked at the country club I’ve listened and frankly, scratched my head.  This did not seem to be the place it was once for sure!  Today was the final straw.  She said FINI.  Waittress jobs are a dime a dozen…even in this economy.  The members of the club were wonderful as they have always been.  The management is, however…well…shall we say lacking.  Abysmally unprofessional.  The things that occured today were astonishing and had they happened in the real, corporate work world would have been seriously sanctioned.  The lack of professionalism and favoritism has been building up…but today was the living end.  WOW.  I feel sorry for the employees there since it is just so devoid of any apparent decent management.  But I feel sorry for the members as well.  Their dues are astronomical…they deserve better than this management is likely to deliver!  WOW.  Well…all’s well that ends well.  She’s already picked up something new at another well heeled establishment.  Maybe they’ll dress up for Halloween at her new job and the costume won’t be totally for naught.  Still, I was disappointed that she had such an ugly experience at what was once a lovely place to work!   I can only say the kind of stuff I’ve observed third hand while she was there would never have happened on Bernie’s watch!  Wow.  I’m almost speechless.   Given what I’ve seen I can’t see why anybody would want to work there any more…and can understand why they have a hard time keeping employees.



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