Yay for Salvo!

October 19, 2009


Well, with Halloween just around the corner, we hit the local Salvo today to put together bits for my son’s costume.  He wants to be the Mad Hatter…sort of ala Johnny Depp.  My little sewing machine will be costume sewing this year!!  Glynda’s is well underway.  Cut, marked and awaiting the stitching.  I was a bit short on the crystal organza for the skirt overlay.  I didn’t realize that it would be necessary to add almost 6 inches to the length to get it  to mid thigh.  And thread!   I grabbed 9 minikings of Gutterman thread at Joanne.  4 white, 4 pink so I could serge.  When I got home I realized I paid $7.99 spool!  WOW!  I took them right back and ordered Maxilok from Atlanta Thread for $1.80 a cone.  Much more agreeable!  So as soon as thread arrives I’m in the stitching mode. 

I found a most fabulous felt hatter hat online.  For $112.97.  Uhhhh.   I don’t think so.  Thus, I’m making one from Tintex, foam board and fabric.  We got a great tweed wool sportcoat…I’ll doctor it with lace and such.  A rust colored silky shirt with a tall collar.  GREAT pants in a herringbone that looks solid, are too short…but will be shorter.  We’ve got odds and ends to get…a thimble, some cheap spools of thread, a wig, makeup…some lace.  It will be a cool costume.  He’s hoping he’lll win best costume at the local watering hole. 

While at the Salvo I saw the most fabulous and astonishing thing.  The most gorgeous of kimonos…authentic in every way.  Beautiful red silk of such a fine, fine hand.  Appliques in metallic gold lame.  GORGEOUS embroidery everywhere in silk thread.  Padded hem to weight it down.  It’ s missing its obi.  It’s in perfect condition.  Fits my size 8, 5’10” kid.  It’s $150.  I must have it.  I MUST. Later this week it will be mine.  Pictures.  Pictures to follow then!



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