Glynda the Good Witch In Progress

October 22, 2009


Watch for updates now…they should come in hot and heavy this weekend.  Glynda’s work has begun.  I hope to finish her totally this weekend.  Actually, I need to finish her this weekend.  The Depp Mad Hatter costume needs to get underway.   

Using Simplicity’s licensed Wizard of Oz pattern 2546 for Glynda in a short dress (you can see it here: ) I ordered up some fabric from Syfabrics at   You know, I am always successful there and the prices are great.  Shipping is fast and I’m never aggravated as happens so often at the local Joann’s fabrics.  SO.  I got some pink bridal satin, pink crystal organza, sparkly white satin, some silver sequin stuff for the appliques and your basic lining taffeta.  All of it ravels very badly…so if you decide to go this route for anything plan on serging or overcasting your seams.  The pattern calls for star appliques on the poufy upper organza sleeves.  I was not digging that look.  I went to Terri’s site at Sew Terific  and found this wonderful set of stars!  There’s a 1/4″ filled star that was perfect.  I checked the Diamond hoops against the sleeve tops, figured the 260×200 would work best, opened it up in 4D Pro and placed a bunch of those teeny stars all over the hoop field.  I hooped the organza sleeve top with vilene, threaded up the machine with Kingstar silver thread and stitched them out.  PERFECT!     Teri’s star set also has an applique set and I think it will be much better for the skirt appliques than what the pattern called for.  I realize not everybody has the luxury of an embroidery machine, so the applique pattern and freehand machine appliquing is the way many will go.  I am definitely too sloppy for that so since I have an embroidery machine I figure I may as well use it.  I’ll still use the sequin fabric, but I’ll use Terri’s applique designs for them.     

Glynda’s costume has an applique butterfly at the shoulder and the waist and a flower at the bust.  I am not loving those appliques in the pattern.  So once again, my embroidery machine to the rescue.   Sonia Showalter has these GREAT butterflies that are 3 dimensional.  One looks like a rose, another is done on transparent organza.  I’ve gotten both of those and some pretty crystal white organza and I’m stitching them out tomorrow.  You can see them here  and here  Sonia’s is beautifully clear, mine will be sparkly opaque.  But it’ll work wonderfully!  I’ll be stitching these out tomorrow morning. 

I have to say, the Diamond worked wonderfully.  I have one of the earlier ones and truth be told I’ve had some fraying, shredding and thread breakage.  Honestly, I was wondering if I had made a mistake in trading in my SE and going into debt for it.  In August I took it in to the Gallery for a cleaning/service while it was still in warranty and I haven’t used it since.  Frankly I was   dreading it.  The tech made some adjustments…and maybe put a new boot version on it since it’s a much newer date…and tonight it worked like a dream!  I definitely did not make a mistake in buying it.   I’m using the 936 serger for the first time in years and years to serge up these seams and I hope it will be as friendly for me this weekend as my Diamond was tonight.

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