Glynda’s Well Underway…

October 24, 2009


Glynda’s blouse needs only to be hemmed.  The skirt needs its waistband on and then hemmed.  I plan to do the waistband tonight yet.  I think the hemming will be done tomorrow.  Narrow rolled hems on the serger for the overskirt.  I’ll hand hem the satin.  I need to applique some stars on the overskirt….maybe I’ll just do the overskirt seaming and placket tonight, do the embroidery tomorrow and then the waistband and hemming.  Then the corset, crown and wand.  I was rather surprised by the pattern sizing.  My daughter is 5’10”.  Wears a 6-10 normally.  She is reed thin but shapely.  She measured up requiring a Simplicity 16!!!  I pinned it and cut it out thinking surely it would be falling off her.  Not so.  The fit is good.  I’m letting Glynda do her own crown and wand.  I have to move on to bigger and better.   The Mad Hatter awaits!

We went to Joann Fabrics today to pick up a bit more black lace for the Hatter.  We have not been pleased with the Salvo jacket so I took a little look/see at the patterns in the Simplicity costume book.  There I found the perfect Hatter jacket and hat pattern!  I think I’ll make a couple tweaks to both…shorten the jacket and if the vent is not open, open it.   I suspect the crown of the hat will definitely need to be higher.  But it’s an easy pattern.  Since his tie is a watery looking tie dyed sort of lavender and red/pink, I bought some purple lame.  Maybe I’ll have time to make the vest in the jacket as well as the dickey.  It’s a truly great pattern!  Check out Simplicity 4083.  While I was there I got a neat brown croc type neato fabric that I think will make a good base for the hat.  There was a bunch of lame on the clearance sale table.  A bolt of gold there the other day was gone…but there was teal and orange.  I picked that up to put it away for whenever.  At $2.50 yard I could not resist. 

This morning I embroidered Sonia’s butterflies for Glynda’s costume.  The Diamond behaved wonderfully.  I had trouble with them since I was using metallic and the only way I could do it successfully was to stand it upright in the rear 8 spool rack.  I know you need to with metallics but I have gotten away with the horizontal spool pin in the past.  Today it was just a fighting and a hassle till I stood that miniking up!  The big news of the day is that I’m not afraid of my serger any longer.   It’s about 10 years old.  It was used once for a class. Period.  Today I was determined.  I used the threading videos on the Viking site, made a couple mistakes till I got it right.  Tested and tested and tested again.  I really had to adjust the tensions!!  But I feel absolutely confident now and   could thread those loopers in my sleep.  It’s a good thing…

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