Hatter Costume Underway, Glynda On Hold

October 27, 2009


OK.  DD doesn’t need Glynda till Saturday so she’s on hold.  DS needs the Hatter for Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night!  Both Thursday and Friday are cash prize nights for winners of the Best Costume Contest so we’re crossing our fingers, toes and any other appendages we can cross. 

It’s just as well that Glynda is on hold.  Sunday was a very frustrating Glynda day.  My Diamond, which liked aluminum and the pink Kingstar metallic thread was under no circumstances happy with silver.  Thus, the applique of stars on organza was a frustrating nightmare.   To make matters worse, by the time I got to the 7th or 8th star, I thought I had picked up a piece of Aqua Magic.  This star was the WORST to applique!  When I went to rinse out the stabilizer I discovered why.  I had grabbed soft, fusible interfacing from the table by mistake.  UGH. 

So for now, the hat is pretty much done and looks ridiculously fabulous if I do say so myself!  I need to stitch around the wire in the brim yet.  The crown of this hat is 10 inches tall and the crown is a 12 1/4″ circle.  My son is 6’4″ tall so he will look like a giant.  I’ve told him he will need to remove it for doorways, in cars etc.  And if he sets it down and it gets stolen or ruined I’m definitely hurting him!  

A new jacket has been cut out of some very heavy, very dark green denim I had on a tube hiding away in the closet for years.  It’s in process at the serger.  Spools of Metrosone thread arrived today for the  thread bandolier.  They’re about the size of Sulky rayon spools.  I think they’ll work well.  I also got in the fright wig I ordered (I don’t like the curly afro wigs for it. They’re too curly!) I’m hoping to find the time to do the vest…from purple metallic lame lined with the scarf fabric…and the dickey with leftover sparkly white crepe/satin from Glynda’s frock.  My clown white makeup and powder and white mascara also arrived today so we are definitely cooking with gas on this costume!     Back to my serger.   Pictures soon!

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