The Countdown to 2010

December 19, 2009

Family, Home

Seems I haven’t posted since Halloween!  wow.  Well, Hatter took the prizes in two of the local watering hole costume contests and son was a bit fatter in the wallet as a result.  I told him he’s on his own next year.  Not that it wasn’t fun…but he was a pain in the neck!

So here it is Christmas.  And as usual, I am not ready.  But I suppose  after all these years it would be odd if I were ready well in advance.  There has been a flurry of activity around here…which is why I haven’t been posting.  Besides school I mean.  Here’s the skinny.

The Big Guy has decided it’s time to retire.  Jan 15 is his last working day.  Soon he’ll be home with the boys and me all the time.  Fun right?  I’m looking forward to it and I have already given him his list of things he must accomplish.  To get ready for retirement we are looking at how to reduce household expenses..such as electricity costs.  We needed new windows anyway so now we’re going to get them in hopes of a warmer house with less carbon footprint.  New fancy schmancy windows are going in on Jan 29…my birthday.  Two good reasons to visit Paolo’s for veal parm that night!  We have had numerous contractors come in for estimates and have chosen a bigger company in the Philly area to do the work.  We’re also getting a new front door.  I should probably have done the back door at the same time.  But the Big Guy was getting sticker shocky.  We’ve had insulation contractors out to give us quotes on beefing up the attic insulation and plugging up the air leaks up into there. We’ve had the hardscape contractor in to give us the estimates on the stone work around the back yard and I’m going to replace the driveway with pavers as well…cmon March.  

But best of all to me,   I’ve gotten the big guy to agree that my sewing stuff does NOT belong in the living/family room and it can go downstairs in the back of the (finished) basement.  This is because I’ve informed him I cannot live like this one more day.  So Ardith, our Ethan Allen decorator was here on Thursday to measure up and see what I’m looking for.  I’m looking for an entire wall of media and library cabinets.  She tells me I can have them!  We’ve talked about a tentative furniture arrangement and upholstery.  We’ve looked at Mike’s Turkish rug to see if we want to decorate around it (probably not) and we’ve talked about a window treatment for the new picture window.  Ardith says she has an idea for that.  I sent her a note last night after looking through my home dec books and pulling a photo off the web…I’d love a London shade.  I’m excited to see what she’ll come up with!  She tells me we’ll get together mid January to look at her ideas and edit/order from there. 

Meanwhile, after Christmas we’ll roll Mike’s Turkish rug back up and take it to Ward’s in Allentown for some repair and a thorough cleaning.  When he was in Turkey in the early 70’s he bought this rug, brought it home, his mother had it in the house and when they died, he brought it here.  He stuck it in the shed.  He really wanted it in the house but there was no place right for it.  However.  It IS handwoven wool.  Don’t think fabulously patterned Turkish carpet.  Think thicker pile, crude, almost primitive pattern, very bright colors.  Looks like either somebody learning or a very early example of craftmanship.  He paid $100 for it.  As orientals go, it is quite primitive.  I think the pattern is based on ancient folk motifs…interconnected diamonds which is usually a man and a woman I think and these “eyeball” kind of things that I think are called Nazarlik in Turkish…and are for good fortune or to ward off the evil eye.  Like a talisman.  It’s a red ground, the diamond pattern is black and there’s green, tan, yellow and a kind of turquoise in the pattern.  Not sure if Ardith can work it into the room…but I can use it in the sewing room.  Thus, it’s going to Gary to get cleaned and fixed. Fixed beause the mice chewed off the fringe onn one end while in the shed.  SIGH.  Gary’s got a lot of expertise in orientals so I’m interested in hearing his take on the rug.  My guess it is an early example out of Tibet/Nepal…at the time he bought this they were just entering the rug market with these tribal kinds of rugs and they were quite primitive.  Let’s see what Gary thinks!  I’ll report back in Jan. 

Lots to look forward to in 2010 and I hope you have things to look forward to as well.  For now, in case I don’t get back here,  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hannukah etc!  May all your wishes come true.



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