On The Expressway…

December 28, 2009

Family, Home, Quilting, Sewing

They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  If that is true, mine is more like an Avenue…or a Boulevard…or maybe even an Expressway.  Every year I have excellent intentions…get off my hind end and the computer, keep the house tidier, get some exercise, cook healthy meals, sew daily to lessen the stash and have Christmas gifts at the ready.  And every year I cannot get to putting #1 into effect so the rest is not going to be a happening thing either!  I wonder if I can fool myself by making it simpler?  MAYBE my goal should simply be to turn the expressway into a cowpath and let the rest just fall into place?  Or will that just give me license to stay on my butt by having no intentions. 

Whatever.  January 15 is when Mike retires.  He’ll be home every day now.  We can’t both be sitting around here!  So I’ve decided I have to start somewhere.  For starters I discovered Microsoft One Note.  I’m not so sure it’s a good thing since I spent most of yesterday organizing stuff on it.  However, it’s useful.  Definitely useful.  I’ve organized a lot of things for the coming year to help me to get off my butt and the computer.  There’s a gift list for the various quilts I have been planning to make for my people for the last three years.  OneNote has a list now, by month, by occasion, by person with a quilt associated to it.  My Outlook calendar now has a corresponding start/stop entry to match each gift.  It starts now.  By next Christmas I should have everybody covered if I stick to it! Best news?  I can do all of my gift giving for next year without financial investment.  Well, almost.  I need to spend about $100 to get some fabric to make quilts to match those I have planned for my youngest grandson…his elder brother’s eyes lit up when he saw what I had planned and wanted to know where his were.  I thought they were too young for him but evidently not.  And I’ll probably need some thread here and there.  But no budget necessary…and that’s a good thing!  I suspect I can do 2011 without any financial investment as well….how’s that for a big stash of quilt kits?

The windows arrive for installation on January 29 and I am looking forward to a warmer house.  Then I’ll get the guys in during early Feb to insulate the attic.  By March we’ll be plenty warm right??!!!   I’m hopeful it’s going to help with the air conditioning as well since PPL rates are supposed to triple in Jan  when the caps come off.     Mid January I’ve got to sit down with Ardith at Ethan Allen and see what she has in mind for the living room now that I’ve finally convinced the Big Guy that it is not appropriate to use one entire end of the living room as a sewing room.  SIGH.  By March that should be looking pretty as well.  Then in the end of March the hardscape guys will come and tear up the driveway for pavers, put in the retaining wall around the yard/drive and fix the front porch.  We’ll do some planting and things should be looking up around here.  There’s a whole schedule for the cleaning/waxing and painting that’s going to take place and the minor honey-do projects the Big Guy will have the time to do after Jan 15.  And since fishing season is in early March he better get on them if he wants to fish I reckon!    

So bottom line?   There’s a plan.  Now to get moving on executing it….



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