Welcome to the New Year

January 3, 2010


     And Mother Nature is ringing it in for us in Pa with loads of wind and frigid temperatures.  Tell me why she didn’t hold off until Feb when the new windows and the attic insulation were installed so we all wouldn’t be wearing fleece in the house since, in their infinite wisdom, PA’s legislature didn’t see fit to rescind their 10 year old decision to deregulate PPL’s power charges in Jan of 10 and the cost of electric has not risen 30%?  SIGH.  I must speak with her.  Really. I’ll be speaking to the legislature in November.  Trust me.  Speaking of my legislative friends…recently the State Supreme Court ruled that the State Constitution does NOT pre-empt the US Constitution and there is no provision in it that prevents State employees from being paid during budget impasse OR permits the governor to withhold pay under the same circumstances.  They have stated unequivocally that FLSA trumps the State constitution.  Well.  To borrow from the vernacular of my youth…No shit Sherlock!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  The gov and most of the legislators are lawyers.  10th grade civics/government class teaches you of the supremecacy of the Federal Act and all about the intricacies of State’s rights.  I feel sure first year law students are taught this over and over.  Politicians.  Perhaps we are truly reaching the day where we’ll check the Thesaurus for synonyms for Politician and find listed scumbag, thief, crook, liar, panderer etc.  And there you go.  I got started.  I swore I wouldn’t get started.  SIGH.

     Once again I’ve rung in the New Year by snoozing through the ball but setting up my calendar to achieve my goals (resolutions in other words just not such an odious word).  I did the same thing yesterday and ignored my calendar listings.  I did it again this year.  The definition of stupidity right?  Well…not so. I’ve synced the Outlook calendar up to the iPhone calendar.  While I can readily ignore the outlook calendar, the iphone is much more intrusive.  I’m hopeful.  We’ll see how it goes.  This year, however,  I actually have started on the sewing for next year’s Christmas gift giving.  Now let’s see if I can hang onto the momentum…and expand it to the daily living activities I’ve scheduled as well.  Hopefully I’ll get off my butt.   

     Meanwhile, Happy New Year to you…I’m off to stuff and truss a turkey.



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