It’s Christmas!

January 8, 2010

Family, Home

Really…it is the second day after our Christmas but that wasn’t what I meant.  I’m a happy camper and just hooked myself up with some great things and it feels like Christmas for me!  I’ve been watching Craiglist for quite a while…specifically to try to find some of their wicker stuff.  I missed a whole set of the Gazebo for a ridiculously low price last fall…and having seen it there I’ve been watching since.  WELL.  Didn’t I find two of the dining chairs that will work very well on my tiny front porch…and though it’s not the outside wicker, my faaaaavorite EA wicker inside chair all for prices I can readily afford her in Pensionville!!   

I’ve got some great sunbrella here that I’ll recover the outside seat cushions with and since they are older Gazebo they have no back cushions…reckon I’ll make some.  The indoor chair needs a seat cushion and maybe a back cushion.  I’m thinking I’m putting it in my bedroom.  There’s just something about that wicker chair that is charming and decadently romantic at the same time.  WOW.  I’m excited. 

Now to try to see if somebody lists some more outside Gazebo.  I could use a couple lounge chairs, a loveseat, an ottoman or two…and of course the dining set.  If you see one on Craigslist and it’s in PA or Jersey let me know please?



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