Crocus Watch

January 18, 2010


     January’s marching on…and almost over.  The Big Guy is a retired man now and today’s his first full day.  Well, it’s his first full day assuming I let him live all day as he sure has been feisty and argumentative lately!   

     There’s been small flurries of activity around here.  The little carpet the Big Guy brought back from Ismir, Turkey in 1975 has gone off to Dr. Ward’s oriental service.  It’s being cleaned and rewoven/refringed on the end for a veritable song.  I’m told it will be full of color once cleaned and I’m looking forward to having it back.  The floor in my new sewing area is pretty cold and I’m hoping this will warm the tootsies when I’m down there sewing…IF it ever gets turned back into a sewing area.   It’s a tribal rug…and truly done on a crude, tribal type loom that can handle only fat threads/yarns and therefore you can’t get much detail in it.  Don’t think Sarouk when you think of my carpet or any design like that.  It’s truly very handcrafted looking and quite charming.  The motif, I’m told, is based on a “melaf” though I haven’t a clue what that represents.   

     I’ve been out to Ethan Allen and checked out what I’m doing in the way of new furniture.  I was most pleased and can’t wait to get it ordered and delivered!  I’ll definitely have to do some before/after pictures for posterity to remind me never, ever to allow my husband to dictate what I should use my family room for ever again!    We’re waiting for the price to come in from the workroom on the window treatment and then we should be good to go and order. 

     Meanwhile, counting the days till the 29th when the new windows go in.  It’s been a pretty cold winter though we’re having a minor warm spell just now.  I’m hoping the weather is fabulous on the 29th for the installation…so keep your fingers crossed for me.  Otherwise…it’s a boring, boring winter around here and I cannot wait for spring!  If we’d just hurry and get to Valentine’s Day I’d know that the annual torture would be almost over for another year….



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