Day 1 Week 2. Getting Healthy

July 25, 2010


     OK.  So I’ve been on Jenny Craig at home for one full week now.  I’ve got to tell you…it has been pretty painless overall.  The first day or so I was a little hungry as my body adjusted to the lack of cheesy cream sauces, pasta, BK’s Smoky Cheddar combo upsized with onion rings not fries and of course, onion ring sauce,  and vast other huge portions of unhealthy food.   I’ve felt satisfied, and with only one exception that didn’t suit me, the food is pretty darned good as frozen food goes.  I’ve been trying to pay attention to how I feel about this as I’ve progressed through the week.  Other than  day two when the shock to my system  made me think I was constantly hungry, I’ve noticed that the only time I feel hungry is when I am really just bored.   

     My counselor is a guy out of California named Burt.  He’s a good guy.  Initially I felt really awkward about that and was sure I needed to request a change.  However, when push came to shove, I realized that I really do relate well to guys and I tend to steam roll over women…or disregard their input.  I reckon that comes from having been raised like a businessman and working in a man’s world for so many years.  So I’ve made peace with it and realized it is probably for the best that Burt and I work together.  I shared this with him and asked him not to weenie whiny around like I’m some silly girl.  I told him to guy me…I can take it.  He told me he coached girls fast pitch softball for the last 12 years.  Coach Burt can be called upon at a moments notice.   Hmmmm.  Wonder how this will work out! LOL  My dad always told me I needed a strong man for a husband.  I expect it’s probably true about my weight loss coach as well.  Something tells me Coach Burt won’t be too tolerant of the myriad excuses my inventive little mind can conjure up.  LOL

     This week he and I will be discussing incorporating activity.  Now truly.  I HATE, DESPISE and DETEST exercise of all forms.  That said, having not always been a fat lady, I recognize a couple of things.  When I am engaged in physical activity it becomes a routine that I am ugly natured without.  I also know that when I am active and at a normal weight I am a very thin person who can eat pretty much any thing…and in large quantities.  Now.  For a food-a-holic that’s a good thing.  Recognizing that I am 57 now, and .recognizing I’d like to lose the statin I take daily, I’ll have to be more judicious in what I eat regardless of activity.  But the journey starts with the first step.  First I must get off my tukas. 

    I’m setting goals here.  Writing them down.  Making them manageable.  SMART goals.  (See?  Years of experience as a manager taught me SOMETHING!)

  1. Goal 1 is to sit and use the computer far less.  Now, since that is not measurable, here’s the measures.  Half an hour first thing in the a.m.  Not again until after supper.   (this will be like heroin withdrawal I fear…)
  2. Use the morning time I would normally be sitting on the computer to clean my house in the morning.
  3. Use the afternoon time I would normally be sitting on the computer to sew and make so many of those projects I have going.
  4. Find time in the evening after supper to pull weeds. 
  5. Once I successfully make THESE things a habit that is painless, I will add walking.  If it’s still hot out, I’ll do Leslie Sansome tapes in the living room.  Set walking GOALS after I’ve gotten to this point.  SIGH

That’s it for now.  I’ve got a new scale arriving on Monday so I can measure my progress but I’m feeling positive and strong so regardless of what the scale says, I know it’s working!



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