Confessions of a Shop-a-holic….

July 26, 2010


     Boy it’s like feast or famine around here right?  No posts for months or 2 in one day.  SIGH.  What can I tell you about that?  What plausible excuse can I offer?  Life happens is about as good as it gets I reckon.   

     Anyhoo…I digress.  Yesterday, my girls, both of whom have their own issues with shopping, were watching the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic.  Since my backside was, as usual, pasted to the chair in the living room, I watched it as well.  Now.  I know I love to shop.  And I know that the need/want question is not going to work with me.  (If I want it, I need it.  Same thing to me!) Normally I would not watch such a movie since I really feel no need to have a nagging conscience about this issue.  One demon at a time OK???   But, since the alternative to watching it was to go DO something,  I watched it and chuckled, saw myself in all the rationalizations and denial and moved on…rather quickly at the end…to something less controversial. 

     Then, this morning I really looked at my email and noticed the latest online offers from Longaberger, and looked around in the kitchen as I ate my omelette and wondered if I shouldn’t really order a new set of Longaberger COLOR MATCHED TO MY KITCHEN canisters.  I have the warm brown ((of course).  And they look OK.  (I’m just thinking out loud here….I’m not making a buying decision.)  Since re-doing the kitchen in BLACK and CREAM, and having painted the baby changing table (that’s dry sink for those of you uninitiated to the vernacular of my darling ones, the girls) BLACK, I keep thinking that it might just be that a different set of canisters would look more lovely and more seemly on the changing table.  Black?  Maybe too dark there since the table itself is black.   I’m thinking IVORY might be just the ticket.  Here’s a picture…what do you think?     

   Then, I am thinking, over on the island by the coffee pot, I could put a large black one for the coffee and a small black one for the filters.  Much nicer than the medium warm brown canister and the original stain small fruit basket that is there now.  Don’t you agree?  And, on top of my BLACK wall unit,  as a bookend, holding up some propped books, I have a medium warm brown canister. Now I really, truly, believe that a black small one would be ever so much more effective.  Don’t you?

     I hear shop-a-holic daughter number one now.  “NO MOM.  You do not need new basket canisters.”  (This from the cherub who had more than one multiple pairs  of Donald Pliner pumps…!  I hear my son…”Oh.  More necessary stuff from Longaberger”.  And my husband…”Well let’s see.  What did she buy now?”  But I really think I DO need them to establish the effect…mercifully I have till July 31 to struggle with this decision although it is probably already a foregone conclusion what the outcome will be.

     Tami…are you reading?  Do you know you make fiscal responsibility exceedingly difficult for me???  I’m just sayin…..



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