You Can’t Argue With Success

July 26, 2010


     So it is weigh in time today and my new scale arrived just in time.  This was a huge thing for me since I’ve avoided scales for a few years now.  The new scale TALKS to you.  There’s something about hearing that number you weigh out loud that helps to cement it into your brain and emblazons it there…and makes you want never to hear it out loud again.  I suppose the simple thing to do would be to turn off the voice.  Instead, I think I’ll let it speak to me.   Multi-modal learning might suit me best for this, most instructive, weekly task.   

     Bottom line…after 1 week on the new JC program, I have lost as much as 10 pounds.  I say as much as since I did not have a current weight last week when I started…and the last time I checked at the doctor’s was a while ago.  There could be a difference in scales to take into consideration.   I think I’ll go with 10 though.  It’s motivating.

     Yes, Yes.  I know.  It’s water, it can’t be expected every week yadaya.  It’s still 10 pounds and I’ll take it!  I know I am loads less puffy and it’s easier to breathe.  A good thing.  Let’s hope I can sustain the momentum!



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