Lazy, Hazy, Crazy, Days of Summer

July 27, 2010


     Can you believe August is almost here?  It will be time for Musikfest (which I don’t attend) next week and before you know it, the Allentown Fair (which I haven’t attended in years!)  I drive through the Allentown Fair Grounds almost daily.  Now, it’s primarily a parking lot for Lehigh Valley Hospital (formerly Allentown General) at 17th and Chew.  Where the carnival part of the fair is going to be is beyond me given it’s once rather large midway and two other aisles running the length of the fairgrounds!  I’d venture to say it will be less than half the size it once was.  The Fair used to be  in the first couple weeks of September…school was half days…so we could go to the fair or participate in it.  Now it’s in late August and early September.  

     Most of our home improvements are done…the siding remains and I am becoming irritated by the fact that I have called three decking companies to come out to give me an estimate and none has returned my call.  I realize it’s the busy season…but they must be MIGHTY busy and business not a problem for them!  I’d like somebody to look at the deck before the siding goes up to see if something needs to be done with the steps prior to the siding job.  Perhaps that is just not meant to happen. 

     The heat wave has been tremendous this year so I’ve been staying inside in the central air.   I must confess that I’m growing quite bored with this.  Starz is running Pillars of the Earth on Friday nights as a miniseries.   I got hooked on the first two episodes broadcast the other night as the premiere.   (If you missed them and are interested, you can watch the full episodes on the Starz website)  A quicky web search tells me it’s based on a book of the same name by Ken Follett.  Seems to me this is a departure from what Ken Follet ordinarily writes.  I guess I am perpetually behind the times as it was an Oprah Book Club pick in 2007 or something like this. 

     Well anyway.  The Starz series is really pretty well done.   But books are always better…and what better way to wile away boring summer days than with my nose stuck in a good book?  So I’ve ordered it.  It’s got all kinds of stuff in it that I am intrigued by…set in the 12th Century in England, during a time of civil unrest as the struggle for the throne rages on, it is a typically medieval England village…probably pretty accurately portrayed.   It’s filled with political upheaval…both governmental and with the church.  There’s romance, intrigue, murder and best of all the architecture of the ancient cathedrals which I have always, always, loved.  It was kind of neat in the premiere when the master builder was asked for an estimate on how long it would take to construct the cathedral he proposed (I’ve always wondered how long it must have taken to build those things given no machinery!) and he responded with “15 years.”  WOW.  I can’t wait for it to get here and to stick my nose in it and get lost in it.    Once it’s delivered I’ll be lost in it…so I’ll check in with you later!



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