Goal Check…

August 2, 2010


     So.  Day 1 of Week 3.  That means it was time to check the numbers.  I lost 4.8 lbs.  It’s a start and I was pleased to see it.  I’m still seldom hungry so old Jenny Craig is doing something right in the food department!  This morning I had their Breakfast Scramble…which I think I could eat three meals a day.  It’s quite like Burger King’s Breakfast Bowl…but healthier.  It’s  yummy.  The mornings when the menu has cereal are not as great…I’m hungrier than normal the rest of the day.  I think I need that protein.  Well, while I would LIKE to say “just give me the breakfast scramble every day for breakfast, it probably throws the overall calorie count out of whack so I reckon I’ll keep my meddling fingers out of it and just do what the menu says without getting creative.  

     As for goals and how I did.  If I was rating myself or an employee and determining salary increases based on my achievement of my activity goals last week, there’d be no raise.  I’d give myself about a D- since though I DID get up and move around a bit more, it wasn’t consistent and I continue to find things that I MUST do on the laptop which keep my backside glued to the chair.  I definitely understand how to use my camera better now as I discovered online books from Barnes and Noble.  I can use Elements ever so much better now, thanks to Lynda.com.  Yes, I did get the first floor pretty well housecleaned.  However.  I did not get moving every day and blew off the weeding entirely.  So this week is a new week and I’m shooting for a C-. 

     Meanwhile, my cousin Wanda has two magic words for me and they are powerful words.  I am going to start repeating them to myself like an affirmation.  Wales.  Cornwall. And I’m adding Devon.    I can go there when I reach my weight goal and she’ll join me.  So I can go when I’m too old to walk…or I can walk now and lose weight faster and go while I’m still able to enjoy it.  Wales.  Cornwall.  Devon.  Wales, Cornwall, Devon, Wales, Cornwall, Devon…

     That’s it for today.  Onward and upward!



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