December 5, 2010


That’s what it’s been around this blog lately! Geez. Seems I just never take the time to write. Boring is not what it’s been aorund the little homestead though. Busy is what it’s been. ‘Let’s see.

Grandson #1 has gotten himself all qualified for the Marine Corps and in January will swear into the DEP. After his June graduation he’ll go off to boot camp…probably August. Grandson #2 has had tons of school stuff now that they are back in public school which requires mucho evening work…something he’s not used to for sure. He (at 11) has none of those thorny, annoying issues his 18 year old brother has as he exerts his independence and maturity. (18/maturity…an oxymoron FOR SURE!) Daughters, son and hubby all well…though getting used to have the Big Guy home retired has been something else to get accustomed to.

So what’s kept me so busy? A new puppy…Teddy…the delight of my life. Yes, I have big dogs. I wanted a little friend that could sit on my lap and cuddle and go everywhere with me in a bag. This is a miniature schnauzer. He’s the right size for sure. He’s a soul mate, I am sure of it. Twin flames…that is he and I. I think if I was a dog I’d be a Schnauzer. He’s the perfect dog for me…a personality quite like my own. That he’s not content to sit on my lap any longer is of no consequence. That he is accustomed to going everywhere with me and SCREAMS when I must, of necessity leave him behind, is somewhat troublesome. Especially now that I’ve taken a job to put some life into what has become a rather boring stay at home kind of life. I doubt that the new job would love having him underfoot regardless of how cute he is…and the Big Guy is going to have a few days of misery as he listens to the little guy howl for mama. SIGH.

Than there was Thanksgiving. I baked 17 pumpkin rolls with my girlfriend. Thank God for Debbie! LOL. Without her, Thanksgiving would have been pumpkin roll-less. I also made pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin bundt cake and apple pies. As well as the whole dinner meal. My kids are wondering where all this unusual domesticity is coming from. They asked if I was feeling ok. SIGH

I’ve ALSO taken up a new hobby. Cake decorating. What fun! I don’t like decorator’s icing…good thing too…as licking my fingers would truly demolish all hope of dieting (which, I might add, the diet is on hiatus until after the holidays). Anyhoo…classes on Thursday mornings this month at ACMoore. First cake must go in on Thursday when we’ll ice, fill and decorate it with a ridiculously ordinary pattern. I want to do baskets of roses on my cae. Guess I better figure out why my rosettes look like a flattened snail first huh?? The baking part is a no-brainer. Used to love to bake. Making an ambrosia filled cake to go with the ridiculously ugly pattern…a cartoonish fish. (a hamburger is another choice…but really. Who puts a hamburger on a cake???) The big issue has been finding unsweetened coconut. Not here in Podunk, PA! Thank heavens for King Arthur Flour…who has it and so I treated myself to 32 oz of Massey Vanilla while there as well….

And speaking of King Arthur…who pulled my stuff for shipment on a SATURDAY thank you very much!…I also treated myself to new mini muffin pans that hold two dozen per pan. Why? To make nut tassies. Pioneer Woman’s cooie week inspired me. My son has been telling me a good mom would make kiffles, tassies and bake him apple pie. My platform has been…You’re a chef. Make your own. Or find a good mom. I don’t eat this things so I am not baking them. But, in the event it should turn out to be my last year on earth, we should go into 2011 being a good mom for my son. He got his applie pie at Thansgiving. I’m making tassies on Friday. 12 doz tassies since the new job is having a cookie exchange almost the second I get there and I’ll need six or seven doz cooies to participate. Tassies sounds like the ticket. Thanks be to Pampered Chef for having a $4.50 tart tamper that makes the little balls of dough a breeze to form into lining the cups…instead of finger pressing like my MIL did (and the sole reason for not making tassies all these years!) Then Saturday the kiffles and Sunday cut outs. This week? UGH. Choc chip, choc chunk, butterscotch something or another, white choc macadamia, choc with peanut butter, peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter sandwiches, thin mints. Oy oy oy. I’ll be the cookie queen this year. I got new cookie tins too. If yours, like mine, have seen better days, you CAN replace them with brand, spanking, new, beautiful tins. Go to Great (did I say GREAT_ service, price, merchandise! I think I’m also going to make a Buche de Noel…having mastered pumpkin roll there’s no stopping me now!

My genealogy work, after a couple years of no new discoveries, has netted some new leads and loads of photos. I’ve been working on that a LOT…and truthfully…sitting on my butt on the pc doing family history research is what consumes most of my time. You’d think I get tired of looking at the same stuff over and over…and not finding new stuff regularly. I think that’s the definition of insanity?

So the tree’s up, thanks to daughter #1. The few decorations I’ve kept are out. The Radko ornaments are once again not on the tree because I am averse to breakage (the best way to avoid headaches is not to give them to yourself right?).  I think if it were up to me I’d have put a Norfolk pine on the table and called it a day. There’s a quilt almost cut out and needing to be done for christmas. Otherwise…THAT’S IT!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work I go….



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