It’s Official

December 7, 2010

Cooking, Health

My diet’s on hiatus till after Christmas.  Even though Weight Watchers has now made all fruit free, the only kind of fruit I want is like apples…in cake.  Cherries…in cookies.  Raisins… in cookies.  Apricots…in Kiffles.  You get the drift right?  So I’ve deferred for now. 

There’s a newfound domesticity that has somehow superceded my otherwise decidedly UN-domestic nature.  I’ve baked pumpkin rolls.  I’ve baked pies.  I’ve baked bread.  I’ve cooked healthy and muti-step meals (as opposed to cracking open a can of Manwich or ordering in).  Tomorrow night a class in Nut Roll making.  Thursday morning Cake Decorating class (so I’ll be baking cake and making Ambrosia filling for it tomorrow!)  This week yet I’ll bake tollhouse, peanut butter, rum balls and other drop cookies.  Saturday I’ll be making kiffles and cutouts.  Sunday Nut Tassies.   (Then Monday I get off the public unemployment dole and go to work…a true novelty since I haven’t for 4 years!   I think the retirement boredom is what has caused this unusual baking frenzy…or maybe it’s some neurological degenerative thing?  Alzheimers? )   Maybe next weekend I’ll make some of those nut rolls.  In part, the domesticity is instigated by the Mayan calendar and my son.    Anyway…there’s mixers revved up and ready to roll, my King Arthur Flour order arrived today, the tamper for the tassies tomorrow…and my husband, my wonderful husband, betting that I’ll be hurriedly baking a batch of cookies on Christmas Eve just to say I baked (as is usually the scenario).   

Now I ask you.  Who could possibly diet with all this stuff in the house?  No WONDER the diet has been jettisoned!  As if to punctuate the diet point, today I was munching a cookie and Mr. Teddy wanted to share.  I was having none of it (don’t BOTHER me when I have a cookie as I am NOT sharing regardless of how cute you are..!)  I ignored him.  Patently ignored him.  He did not like being ignored.  He’s a terrorist and a tyrant and like any good terrorist or tyrant, he wants as much attention as possible.  So, not one to take such a thing lying down and allow me to believe he had given up, he grabbed a meaty little part of my thigh next to my knee and clamped down.  He got my attention.  What should have gotten my attention was that there was meatiness to bite into.  I should have shared that cookie.  But I didn’t.  I planned a blog post about the postponement of additional healthy eating and grabbed another cookie. 

I’m reminded that my son told me that a good mom would bake pies for him, make tassies, kiffles and nut rolls for him…and otherwise keep him well supplied with baked goods.  Like Teddy, I’ve ignored him until this year.  Now that nagging Mayan calender/2012  thing has me thinking.   What if it really IS my last year on earth?  I’ll have been a good mom.  Or really.  More like it.  I was tired of dieting…



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