Holiday Gift Giving: Kitchen Aid (Holiday Gift Receiving if you prefer)

December 8, 2010


Perhaps it is this surge of domesticity that finds me baking that had me checking out the Kitchen Aid site.  Or, perhaps it was the use of my very powerful Cuisineart 7 quart stand mixer so much recently and then using my hand mixer for something that sent me to the Kitchen Aid site (my hand mixer, after so much stand mixing, made me feel like a rotary beater would probably be about the same)! In either case…

Kitchen Aid has a splendid offer right now on the Artisan (325 w and 5 qt) mixer for $299.  The deal is:  Mixer w. standard accessories and stainless bowl, choice of  either meat grinder attachment or glass bowl (the glass bowl is more expensive, the attachments are on sale right now and I  don’t think you can buy the glass bowl separately), the new flex edge bowl scraper beater (so you don’t feel compelled to buy one of the aftermarket silicone beaters that Kitchen Aid’s people claim create drag) and a subscription to Martha Stewart Living.  Now you DO pay shipping and you DO have to support your State’s revenue department…BUT…they broke it down to 4 payments.  The first one includes shipping and tax, but the next three are $75 month.  On your credit or debit.  Interest free.    Cool beans!

Now, if you’re a baker and have been dying for a Kitchen Aid this might be just the deal to talk to YOUR Santa about!  No, I don’t work for Kitchen Aid…but I think it’s a great deal so I thought I’d pass it on.  Know this…if you are a bread baker, especially whole grain loaves and do heaps of bread baking, the Artisan might not be the right mixer for you.  Be sure to check out the powers, features, capacities, bowl sizes etc.  It’s why my big mixer is the Cuisineart 7 quart…though it is not the old familiar Kitchen Aid for sure I do like it very much!  However, this Artisan, for mashed potatoes, frosting, cake mixes etc would be a welcome addition since the Cuisineart has ONLY a 7 quart bowl available and it’s too darned big for some egg whites.  KWIM?  I think of it as a most useful hand mixer on steroids. 

So there you go! Happy gifting!



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