Mike Day 59

April 18, 2011

Family, Health, Mike

Yesterday was pretty hard with Mike on a personal level.  I’ve been promising him for about three weeks he would be going to rehab.  On a daily basis, as his recovery has begun to escalate and he has become aware of his surroundings and his state, he has grown increasingly frustrated with his physical shortcomings.  He works very hard in his bed to try to rehab his legs on his own and force them to do what he wants them to do…which is move freely.  Unfortunately, due to the brain injury, his brain is not able to plan and coordinate movement…therefore, though strength is returning, the patterning requires neuro rehab to  really break through and make his efforts coordinated and successful. 

For these three weeks now, I’ve told him to work hard with the therapists where he’s at.  I’ve explained they are not geared to doing strenuous physical therapy, they are not a rehab.  Still, they are doing far more with him than simply passive or ROM exercises.  I’ve been telling him to keep working so that he would be strong enough to go to rehab…because as soon as his medical situation was stable he would go to rehab, get stronger and come home.  Something he desperately wants as do we!   He has been hanging on that promise and every day says “Rehab…come on…let’s go” or, when asked where he is at by the Speech Therapist the other day he responded…”Rehab”.   Little did I know that Highmark Blue Shield would simply deny that he could go to rehab and reshape his future!  (see the 55 minutes posts for Mike’s story…the 5th part is about Highmark)

Yesterday I had to tell him…you’re not going to rehab right now.  Highmark is denying approval.  I am fighting it, the doctors are fighting it, but right now you can’t go.  Highmark wants you to go to a nursing home…but I am working very hard to get that overturned.  Please be patient and don’t give up.  As I looked at his disappointed and thoughtful face, I felt terrible.  I feel like I’ve let him down…the system he worked so hard for has let him down.  He was very quiet the rest of the day…almost depressed.  I am very worried about him and his state given this denial.  I’ve made up my mind.  I’ll follow through with the Highmark appeal to their last if they continue to deny…then I’ll appeal to the Commonwealth so I don’t forfeit my rights to legal action..and if still denied, will look for an attorney that specializes in taking on insurance cases such as this.  Anybody know a really good one? 

On the other hand…great things happened yesterday.  I discovered how much people really care and how good and dear our friends  are.  The outpouring of concern from friends, friends of friends, their endless prayers for us and the efforts they have undertaken to get the attention of the government, the media and their own contacts to be aware of our plight is nothing short of amazing.  I thank you all for your outpouring of love and generosity.  God is smiling down and blessing each of you for your compassion!

Finally, on a very personal note, sitting in the quiet with Mike in his hospital room last night was pretty darn nice.  He was sweet and tender…he knew he was a husband and lover and best friend.  We watched TV together and talked.  He pulled himself close to me to give me a kiss a couple times…each time a kiss turned into two or three before he laid back.  He held my hand and stroked it, cupped my chin, stroked my hair and held my face in his hands.  As we talked about our future after his recovery, he looked at me with such a sweet and tender smile it melted my heart…and broke my heart at the same time because right now his future recovery is impeded.  Uncertain.  Held hostage by Highmark.  I felt as loved as I ever have by my husband…and so very sad at the same time. 

And angry.  SO ANGRY!  Highmark.  You are in my sites.  I am not going away.  Do you hear me?  I am NOT going away.



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One Comment on “Mike Day 59”

  1. carol vasko Says:

    My GOD…What your family has gone through..I wish I had known at the time Mike was in ICU..I have worked there and know well the nurses you talked about especially Steph..She is my friend and my nebior ..I know our LORD has good things going for you..Just hang in their like you have been..I’m so proud of you Robin for the fighting you had for Mike…As a Tech. I also would fight everyday for all my patients and if they couldn’t I did.I took loving care of each of them. I pray for Mike to recover as I know he will but it is sometimes such a long process..but I know you will never give up neither myself now that I know the plite..you have my numbers to call…I want to visit Mike and to add to his recovery everything he needs. and to you Robin all the support and LOVE you need..I will do whatever it takes for you Mike and Robin…
    Your friend ALWAYS…
    Carol Vasko


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