Day 60: Addendum; Highmark again

April 19, 2011

Family, Health, Mike

I wonder if I should be calling them Lowmark rather than Highmark?  

Though they were to have had something to me today.  I had nothing.  Nothing.    I believe they are doing their best to deny the request, but doing damage control in the background and until the damage control is done I won’t hear anything. 

I DID hear from the Health Reporter at the Morning Call…Milton Carrero…who got some info from me and committed to call Highmark today.  I provided the info, he called.  He was told somebody would call him back with info on Mr. Smallen’s case.  Nobody did. 

Sometime late morning, one of Mike’s docs, the one who signed the medical necessity for the expedited hearing, called the care manager and me.  They wanted to know if I had heard of a hearing being held?  I said nope.  By who?  Highmark.  Nope.  Well, Dr Marsh allowed as how Highmark called his office this morning to see if he wanted to participate in the hearing for my husband.  Since he didn’t know what hearing he called us.  When I didn’t know…but indicated participation would be a good idea, he called his office back to get the particulars.  Whoever had called from Highmark did not leave their name, their number, the time of the hearing or any other particulars.  Participation…representation…was impossible.   Way to go Highmark!



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