Mike Day 66: Rainbows

April 25, 2011

Family, Health, Mike

I’m reminded this morning, that after 40 days and nights of rain Noah saw a rainbow…a visible commitment from God and a reminder that He carries us safely through storms.

I’m also reminded that last night as I began to despair, my daughter texted a photo…a distinct and brilliant rainbow in the East, clearly visible from our house. Later, I looked out the window of Mike’s room and spotted the remnants of one there.

I’m reminded to stay strong and hopeful knowing we will be carried safely through…now the trick is not to lose sight of it.



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2 Comments on “Mike Day 66: Rainbows”

  1. carol vasko Says:

    Robin: I know you have many desicions to look at.If I can help you make them I will.I worked at Fellowship Manor as a tech. where ther is hlpe for people like Mike..in assited living. I know I worked there.we had a man who also suffer a stroke he was one of my fav. people there I used to help him get to meals,and personal things he needed.At Fellowship Manor in Whithall is the safest and best place he can go they work with each person as indevials.I loved working ther but had to quit due to my pain. I know them well ther and can help to get him in and going if that’s OK with you and your husband.
    Keep up the good work, brain injury is very hard for us not suffering to see and to process,it takes time patience and lots and lots of LOVE. For both the patient and the famiily and support. I’m here for you..and want to see Mike.
    All my prayers and Love


    • rsmallen Says:

      Hi Carol and thanks again. Fellowship was highly recommended by some other folks as well. Unfortunately as a nursing facility they said they could not take Mike due to the trach and the need for soft restraints. Perhaps as time goes by the trach will go and the mitts will go too. Feel free to visit. Mikes at Good Shepherd’s main campus in the Rehab Hospital


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