Day 84: Such A Great Day After All!

May 13, 2011

Family, Health, Mike

This morning, first thing, we visited the office of Pulmonary Associates…the critical care docs who cared for Mike for 2 months and brought him through so much illness it can’t be believed.  Dr. Jeff Marsh saw him…I had rather hoped it would be he and expressed same to nurse practitioner at Good Shepherd before she made the appointment.  I think Jeff saw Mike the most…and I loved working with him.  An excellent doc and a really good man. 

So anyway.  We visited their office at 9 and several of the docs stopped in to visit Mike and chat.  Jeff calls him “Rock Star” and they invariably have a kind of glowing pride and sense of accomplishment when they see him and see how well he’s doing.  They know what their role was…and they know how insurmountable the odds were against Mike’s recovery or ever being to the point he is.  Truly, they know he is a miracle.  So it was a happy visit, a good visit.  Mike doesn’t remember much about those sick days or doesn’t seem to.  Jeff asked him and he indicated he didn’t really.  Later I asked him and he said he remembered some.  He remembered he was nuts.  I guess he means the widespread confusion. 

I explained to Jeff that I wanted vocal cord visualization and the evaluation to remove the trach.  He felt it was time for it to go.  I explained Good Shepherds concerns.  He booked a room in the GI lab for 11:00 on the spot so he could scope him right away.  He said if all looked good the trach would go away.  It did and it’s gone.  GONE.  The trach is gone! 

Mike was immediately more calm than I have seen him in a while. 

We got back to Good Shepherd and I asked them to call his doc there.  I wanted the feeding tube out and our negotiation the other day was that when the trach came out, so would the feeding tube.  Trach was out…time to ante up.  And ante up he did!  Feeding tube is out!  Mike became so calm it was almost serene. 

At 9 Mike was fast asleep.  No mittens, no tubes, no muss no fuss.  I suspect he’ll sleep all night.  More tomorrow!

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One Comment on “Day 84: Such A Great Day After All!”

  1. Dawn Wigfall Says:

    Wow this is do great!!! You know best….always stick to that!


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