Mike Day 92: Getting Ready For Homecoming

May 22, 2011

Family, Health, Mike

Yesterday we began readying the house for Mike’s return home.  The kids, Deb, and I got together very early and descended on the bedroom.  With only 5 days to go, the countdown has begun and we need to get cracking!

To say Mike has “stuff” squirreled everywhere would be an understatement.  A collector of all kinds of things (after yesterday I might call it hoarding!) we had quite the job of sorting things out to do.  First, there was just the accumulated dirt from the dogs and normal lack of cleaning dust, the result of having not been present to clean for three months. Next was the securing of the premises from all things that one would keep from a child…or brain injured adult… until their cognition and their coordination, and their impulse control is better.  Though his knives/guns are legitimately collectible, they must be secured for everybody’s safety until he’s more stable.  Securing them meant finding all of them…and they were everywhere.  Tucked away in drawers.  In the truck.  In bags.  On top of cabinets.  The next step was to find all the keys that were squirreled away and trying to decide which one went to the cabinet meant for guns/ammo/knives.  Which were the hot tub keys?  Where is the missing key?  Did I throw it away?  Would that now necessitate cutting the straps and buying a new cover? (NOT in the budget!) Where  were the shed keys? To accomplish all of this we needed to sort through every drawer, closet, cupboard and sort collectibles from non-collectibles.  Non-collectibles would be the empty pill bottles, eye drop bottles, memorabilia of all sorts…and the hidden food/goody stash. (I thought I had found it all a couple months ago.  I found more yesterday.)  At last, however, the master bedroom suite (which is the entire walk-out basement, is clean and secure.  Huge thanks to the kids and Deb…I could not have done it without you!

Monday Deb’s dad is coming to measure the staircase to get a second hand railing and install it.  My mom tells me she has a couple extra grab bars for my bathroom and I’m hoping he can install them as well.  I’ll do a housecleaning on the first floor Tuesday and Wednesday…and Deb is lined up to help with that.  Wednesday night I figure I’ll run to Super Walmart to grocery shop and then…next day I pick him up for discharge. 

We’re both looking forward to it…though I confess.  I’m a bit nervous.  I worry his health is still fragile (I don’t think it is but I worry anyway)  I worry about the bedsore and its care.  I worry about his heart, his diet, his comfort.  Most of all I worry I won’t be able to manage his behavior when he gets stubborn/frustrated/angry.  I guess we’ll just have to take it a day at  time and work it through.  Hard for somebody who plans everything well in advance.

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