Mike: Quips and Giggles

May 23, 2011

Family, Mike

Mike has always been a funny guy and had a great sense of humor.  One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever gotten from Mike was the ability to laugh and to have a sense of humor.  His sense of humor has not left him…and when it shows itself I often wonder how much CNS damage really was done…

Yesterday I got to the hospital around 1 p.m. and he was napping.  Since he was snoring, I asked if he wanted his cpap on and he indicated yes.  He slept soundly till 4, when I woke him up for vital signs and supper.  He did not want to be up, I can tell you that!  He asked several times to go back to sleep and I promised he could jump back into bed “after supper” (at some unspecified time)

Back in his room after supper he visited for a few minutes and then had enough.  Next thing I heard from him was “OK.  How about an example of the good care you’re going to give me?”  Since he whispered I couldn’t make it out  for certain, asked what he said and he repeated it.  Incredulous on many levels (a whole sentence with no aphasia, the memory that he had been told I would be taking good care of him since his short term memory is like 5 seconds, etc)

I repeated it back to him just to be sure I had heard him right.  He smiled and nodded that I had.  I laughed and asked him what kind of an example would he like?

In response, he folded his hands, put them to one side of his head as he closed his eyes and cocked his head in that universal, childlike gesture that means sleepy time, and then said, “How about you get me back in bed”?  

Such a simple request…made so Mike-like…and under his present circumstances, so surprising…and so amusing the way he just reeled me in.  Like he always did in the past.

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